[New] Amarula Gold!

Gold bottle with small glass filled with gold liquid with marula fruit.How cool is this? Introducing…Amarula Gold! To celebrate Amarula’s 25th birthday this year the company has created the new, sophisticated sister. Made from everyone’s favourite local fruit, marula, it’s a spirit that’s been designed to be mixed. With a 30% alcohol volume, one could just have a little shot here and there though 😉 But recommended recipes include mixing it with soda water, Appletiser, Ginger Ale or on the rocks.

It’s made similarly to Amarula original, which is from hand-harvested marula fruit, double distilled and ages in oak barrells for up to two years. This enhances the aromatic, fruity flavour (and alcohol?!) but there’s no cream added to Amarula Gold (unlike original Amarula).

Find the clear bottle of Amarula Gold with a black tassel this time for around R140 a bottle. To read more on Amarula Gold, visit the Amarula website. 

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