Christmas Gift Ideas to Buy NOW!

Guys! DO NOT wait until November’s salary to start buying your Xmas presents! I’m not sure about you, but I’ve caught myself a few times saying, “That’s it! This December holiday I’m staying home! I’m not spending a penny! I’m resting and that’s that.”

By day two my tune’s changed to, “Oh my Gad! I can’t believe I sit at a desk all day and never see the sun! I’m DEFINITELY going out and enjoying the beautiful December holiday weather!”

It’s spend, spend, spend and cry, cry, cry all January long.And that’s how all my money disappears, the end.

So I’ve vowed to be better this year and shop with October’s salary (the one that you just got paid) so that December/January isn’t such a nightmare. Dem January broke feels are DEEP!

So here are a couple of RAD Christmas gift ideas for you to get for your special peoples this festive season:

Gifts Under R500

PopSocket – R150

I’ve had more than a few enquiries about this RANDOM holder on the back on my iPhone! Which launches me into how amazing Pop Sockets are and how they’ve changed how i use my iPhone and how it’s so easy to take selfies or watch Netflix in bed or hold them, etc. Usually this is followed by, “Oh do you work for the brand?” DOH! No! I just love it so much! Basically, you stick it on the back of your phone and it gives you a far better grip – super helpful for the bigger phone models. Order yourself a PopSocket online for just R150. If I had a ecomm store, I’d stock this!

iPhone Headphones – R300

If you don’t want to go the super expensive route and your dog has already eaten your headphones, then replace them at WeFix. For R299 you can get replacement iPhone headphones. I find these super helpful for driving.

a Love Supreme Material – R340

a Love Supreme is a little homeware store hidden in the backroads of Claremont. Remember where the bead shop used to be behind Cavendish? There!

They do big, bright colourful designs and I know there are more than a few SA loving home fans who would love these designs.
I’m no Martha Stewart, but I do like this a Love Supreme printed material and I think it could be amazing for lining drawers or the equivalent Protea design laptop bag is great. Visit them in Claremont or order online for R340.

Wine Glass Identifiers – R460

I’m not mad about the fact you can’t buy these cool wine glass identifiers alone, but I like them so much I thought I’d share! Of course, there have been a number of identifiers on the market, but this is a coaster and identifier in one which I actually think is awesome! It’s probably more impactful as well because you look at the design more closely than just a little trinket version. Get these wine glass identifiers from Norman Goodfellows with 2 bottles of wine for R460.

Modern Map Art – R560

Modern Map Art sent me a poster of Cape Town a few months back and because I’ve changed jobs, I haven’t found another local framer! But I really think this art could be super impactful in a modern apartment or loft and at just R560, it’s quite a steal. You can choose the size as well as two different colour palette options. Check out their site and get a number of city maps created – you don’t have to have Cape Town!

Gifts Under R1000

Pendant Lamp from IKEA – R725

Yes, when in the UK last week I asked my Aunt to take me to the grand IKEA in Bristol. Known for their affordable, flat-pack furniture, I was SO keen to see it for myself. Upon my missions, I found this cool Star Wars type pendant light which I thought would be super amazing for a man’s den or wardrobe, etc. Find it online for R725, excluding shipping & custom taxes.

Veltskoen For Her – R790

In case you hadn’t noticed, Veltskoen are back! These classic South African shoes are hardy and sincere. Loved across the land, they have had a bit of an old school reputation. But they’ve been given a little upgrade and are welcomed into the new millennium. Pick from a range of colours like blue, yellow, pink or orange and give the “sole of South Africa” to someone special. Find these Veltskoen for her for R790.

iPhone Charger Dock – R840

This is cool especially for next to your bed or at work where you’re not really moving around. Mr John and I are always having to pass chargers to one another because cables get broken, etc. So I think having something static could be super useful. Find the iPhone lightening dock charger on My iStore for R840 in gold, rose gold, white and space grey.

Urban Decay Heat Palate – R850

Urban Decay took SA by storm last year with their cool-toned animal cruelty free makeup. Every girl in SA wanted a palate – myself included! I bought 2 and have really enjoyed using them.

While it’s Autumn overseas, all the beauty YouTubers have been focussing on Autumnal colours and I’ve been LOVING the look! Hey, it might be summer in South Africa, but a firey eye goes perfectly well with a hot summer dancefloor. I bought mine in London, but you can get the Urban Decay Heat Palate from R850 from Foshini.

Gifts Over R1000

Sudio Wireless Headphones – R1530

I tried these Sudio wireless headphones a few months back and I think they’re SUPER useful if you work with your hands and you don’t want a cable getting in your way. When I first put them in I thought the sound was pretty terrible! But then Mr John noted that I had the biggest ear piece cups on and they were hardly in my ears, OOPS! So they come with 5 ear piece ‘cup’ sizes so they can fit snuggling, includes a small leather pouch so you won’t lose any pieces and has an 8 hour battery life. Find them on Sudio for R1530.

Fokofpolisiekar’s Crowdfunded Selfmedikasie & BEER!

I proudly participated in the Fokof crowdfund to fund their latest album so I received it before the public release and it’s great!

They’re now created a cool combo of the latest album and their beer, I mean, it makes sense! Get the Fokof Lager bottles in a Limited Edition 12 pack gift box accompanied by the last album, Selfmedikasie exclusively at Checkers Liquor outlets country-wide from October 4th. Fun fact: 15 500 litres of Fokof Lager was consumed in August 2017 alone!

Adidas X-Flux – R1200

These shoes absolutely SAVED me overseas. I tried them on before going away and my friend said they were the most comfortable shoes he’d ever worn. So I got a pair of X-Flux on Superbalist (because I’m an 8 which is quite hard to find even though these are technically mens’ shoes) and wore them almost every single day overseas. I walked over 200kms in the past 2 weeks while in the UK so TRUST ME, these are SUPER comfy. Use your e-bucks on Superbalist and get them for even less.


My Christmas Wish List 2017

If I could have anything in the world, this is what I’d go for this Christmas:

Jameson 12 Year Reserve – R600

While in Dublin last month I was lucky enough to visit my Irish cousins. They totally spoilt us by opening their bottle of 12 year Jameson Reserve and oh my WOW! I thought I was drinking normal Jamesons until I had to check the bottle because it just tasted TOO good! Sadly, it’s sold out everywhere so if you find it, GET IT! (And if you find it available online anywhere – please tell me!)

DJI Spark Drone (Fly More)

The perfect lifestyle drone, particularly for women, the DJI Spark drone is easy to use (as far as drone technology goes) and allows for great overhead or “follow the subject” shots. Far cheaper than the other DJI drones (Phantom 4/Mavic) this is every YouTuber’s dream drone! AND I WANT ONE! The fly more pack includes an extra battery as fly time is only about 15 minutes. It’s small but takes a lot of power.

Kylie Jenner Matte Lipsticks – $17 (R240)

I NEARLY ordered some Kylie Jenner lipstick singles these while I was in the UK, but the problem is that it takes 6 weeks to arrive! So I wouldn’t have been able to get them anyway 🙁 So I’m thinking of ordering them to SA, in the hopes of actually getting them. Kylie Jenner’s near billion dollar company is the coolest thing in makeup trends at the moment, and I also want in! So I’d get a few singles like KoKo K just to give them a go.

GHD – Platinum White Styler – R3000

I was SO close to buying a new GHD at the airport, duty free as the IV was available for R1600. But the problem is that there are reports that it breaks your hair and my current 12 year old GHD already does that! So I didn’t want to replace one with another. I then spotted the Platinum White Styler which apparently is INCREDIBLE! The Urban Decay assistant was telling me all about it even though she doesn’t even work for GHD (there didn’t seem to be a GHD assistant there) and said it was AMAZING! So I’d love to get one of these. Sadly, the white is sold out at the moment online, but the black is still available for R3000.

Michael Kors Slim Runway Watch – R5000

I know Michael Kors is a fashion big-wig, but I really only know him from being a judge on Project Runway (I love that show!). So when I saw this watch on Superbalist, it wasn’t because it was Michael Kors, but rather because I just simply liked it. At first I liked the solid rose gold Slim Runway, although I have reservations about the trend fading. I wasn’t drawn to the charcoal faced Slim Runway at first, but the more I look at it the more sophisticated I find it. I REALLY like this one now! (Even though I have to laugh at Slim Runway – does that exclude us plumper girls?!) The rose is R4000, the charcoal is R5000.

Happy shopping everyone!  – Meg 🙂



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