[SERVICE] The Flying Pan – Home Cooked Meal Delivery Service

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. It’s the last day of March and I’ve been meaning to tell you about The Flying Pan since, probably, the last day of February, oops!

A friend at work told me about her fiance’s home cooking service The Flying Pan and, as it is related to my favourite thing – food, I was instantly interested. The Flying Pan is a home cooked food service. Chef Matt creates a 2 week set menu, cooks and delivers the food daily to consumers. Consumers are able to view the menu online and choose the days that sound good to them.

The Flying Pan was kind enough to provide me with two meals which, strangely, saved my day on both occasions. I chose pork satay and Mediterranean koftas which the Flying Pan delivered to my office. I took my first meal home with me but ended up being saved from starvation as I sat in 2 hours of bumper to bumper Eminem traffic. The food was delicious – even from traffic on Strand Street!

The second meal also came at a time when I was short on time. We had a work engagement after hours so I was able to have my Flying Pan meal at work. I ordered the beef koftas which were beautiful. The gentle hint of garlic and caramalised, crusty beef wafted through the office as I smugly sat eating from my desk. I left the office with a skip in my step as I headed to the post work function.

The Flying Pan prides itself on providing delicious home cooked meals made with fresh ingredients at affordable prices. At approximately R10 – R25 more than a Woolworths meal, each portion is slightly more than 300g (standard Woolworths portion) and oh so delicious.

Small details in my selections such as red onion and peas in the rice, shredded basil on top, not only adds to the flavour of each dish but showcases the care put into the food. The Flying Pan is very much home cooking, however, why bother shopping, cooking, cleaning yourself when someone else’s food is way better than yours for the same price? Well worth the money and you can order for one (something I need as my partner is uber fussy) or for the whole family.

The Flying Pan delivers daily to the southern suburbs area on week days (public holidays excluded) to ensure each meal is fresh and delicious. I’d highly recommend ordering from the Flying Pan as it is a great alternative to ANOTHER KFC bucket when you just don’t have the energy to cook. And considering you don’t have to go shopping yourself, do the cooking and still get nutritious food, it’s well worth the money.

My measure of great food is when you find yourself sitting somewhere thinking, “Hm! I could really do with one of those (enter tasty dish here) from (enter name of purveyor of tasty dish) right now!” And I’ve certainly done that since trying out The Flying Pan’s food. Visit the Flying Pan’s website for this week’s menu and enjoy!

P.S They also have a Flying Pan foodie blog if you’re interested in a reading as you order 😉

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