[CLOSED] Urban Brandy Cocktail Route Tasting

Urban Brandy Cocktail RouteWhile visiting the Southern Sun Waterfront last Friday night, we were invited to join the Urban Brandy Cocktail Route and make our own cocktails – under professional supervision, of course. The Urban Brandy Cocktail Route is shaking up summer with their range of brandy based cocktails available at numerous bars around Cape Town. We were lucky enough to sample some of the delicious cocktails and give making them a go ourselves too.

Bos Peach PunchDes, the “fortunate” barman at the Southern Sun Waterfront, first made us a Collison Cosmo with the base being brandy not rum. I say fortunate because when I attempted to make a cocktail, I sent my lime flying over the bar counter. Oops!

I made a Bos Peach Punch, an iced tea based cocktail which was beautifully light – I can imagine drinking them on a sea side patio like water! I personally enjoy brandy and loved the earthiness it added to the drinks.

We then made a Fish Eagle Rio which was a work of art! A touch of ginger ale, touch of brandy, touch of apple, definitely one of the best cocktails on the menu (don’t know why I’m saying that when they were all good! I guess I mean it was the most unique).

Eagle Cape Strawberry DaiquariTo top it off, Des made us a Cape Strawberry Daiquiri which was gorgeous as he used fresh strawberries (usually frozen), added the perfect amount of ice so it had a firm slushy texture and earthy strawberry taste. Strawberry flavour is always so artificial and it’s one of my least favourites, however, with the brandy and fresh berries it had a more mature, fresh and full flavour. I’d definitely consider ordering daiquiris if made on the Urban Brandy Cocktail Route.


And now they want YOU to experience the fresh taste of the Urban Brandy Cocktail Route. If you’d like to take a friend, hit a patio in the sun and absorb Urban Brandy Cocktails at the Park Inn in Cape Town, then simply:

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