Kardashian Beauty Make Up

Poster with brunette woman and make up products in round tower.By now you’ve learnt that Boring Cape Town Chick is no beauty blog. Although I do like the use the word ,”beautimous”, I’m no expert. Which is why I think sharing the odd make up post is actually informative. I’m, hopefully, talking to other regular girls, like myself, who have their own particular make up choices but don’t pertain to be experts.

I love Keeping Up with the Kardashians and I’m happy if you don’t. This isn’t about me justifying my opinion or trying to convert you. I like them. I’ve bought their clothes in London which fit curvy women (I have junk in my trunk and am boobie-licious). I laugh at their TV show. I don’t have posters in my bedroom.

Kardashian Beauty Make Up in round tower in department storeBut when my boyfriend spotted Kardashian Beauty make up in Stuttafords, he let me know.

I proceeded to buy myself a new mascara (I’d previously had a Twitter conversation with many of you about great mascaras and the Yellow Maybeline just didn’t work for me (I still love their classic mascara)) which seems to have a plastic brush, that’s more like a rake than a broom – if that makes sense! I also chose a coke-a-cola coloured nail polish as I wanted something unique. Considering it stays on 80% unchipped, I’d say it’s a win and the mascara rocks too! Totally worth the money (about R350 for both).

So girls, if you’re looking for value for money, I’d recommend the Kardashian Beauty make up. I’m happy.

P.S I’m really fair skinned and the make up still looks good. KB do have a range of colours, not just gorgeous caramel like the Armenian sisters.

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