HQ Booze Stock Market! #HQExchange

HQ Exchange Pin-To-TopFor a restaurant who was accused of potentially becoming boring because they stuck to the menu they believe in, HQ sure hasn’t ever run dry of great ideas for a fun dining experience. Wednesday nights will now see the restaurant turn into a stock exchange! After Tuesday Date Nights and their Comedy nights being well received, Wednesdays is all about enjoying the beauty that is a refreshing drink.

The #HQExchange is all about the diners controlling the cost of prices throughout the night. Watch as drink prices rise and fall according to OUR input. Consumers will be able to get tips from the  waitrons, and via Twitter, and outsmart and predict what the market will do and, therefore, control it.

HQ has even created their own HQ currency for the night! So bring your friends along and as they say, ‘…Let’s see if you have what it takes to be named the Wolf of Bree Street!”

  • Tonight, Wednesday 12th March 2014
  • 7:30pm
  • HQ at 100 Shortmarket Street
  • Bookings available via info@hqcapetown.co.za

Join the HQ Exchange Wednesday Facebook Event for further details.

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