New View Across Constantia

Whilst driving to work over the last two weeks I’ve watched Krige Tree Services remove the tall pine trees from the edge of Constantia/Wynberg Hill/M3. I’m not sure what the name of the farm is that resides down below but I can see they receive a lot more light now. I was sorry to see the trees go because I know it would have taken them years and years and years and years to grow – always seems like such a waste when they get chopped down.

As you drive down the M3 towards Muizenberg, you will now enjoy a panoramic view across the Constantia Valley. I can see farm houses that I couldn’t see before. The Chart Farm will no doubt receive more light too. I heard a saying that Cape Town isn’t city surrounded by farms, but rather a city in the middle of farms. This is true. The farms were here first. None the less, it’s a bitter sweet moment when I take in the gorgeous view now. I like trees. Trees are important.


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