Vanish Red Wine Stains, Be Gone!

When I lived in London I had a Vanish stick that I used on EVERYTHING and it was my most favourite “domes-stick” product. As summer winds down I’ve been really looking forward to having Sing Star parties as mine as I’ve been working over weekends this summer. Mrs Kitten D brings over her Playstation, we crack open a few bottles and  I make a big lasagne which, unfortunately, usually results in red wine on my clothing at some point of the night between cooking and drinking!

So I’ve teamed up with Vanish to share a few tips on how to get rid of red wine stains in case you’re also in the same boat. Throwing salt on it is all good and well on carpets, but clothing?! Here are some decent tips:

  • vanish-oxi-action-powderAlways make sure you have Vanish at home (lol).
  • Don’t let the stain dry…the quicker you attend to the stain, the more likely it’ll be totally removed.
  • Don’t spread the stain around. Work it inwards instead of outwards.
  • Pour 4L of warm water (not hot) into a bucket & use 1 scoop of Vanish O2 Powder.
  • Soak your top/jersey/apron in the solution.
  • Colours = 1 hour soak. Whites = 6 hour soak.
  • Wash in the machine as normal and stain should be removed.
  • Add a scoop to your washing if you think it needs extra help.

Cleaning detergent bottels in orange basket. Bottle of vanish on pink dish cloth on washing machineUnfortunately the Vanish sticks aren’t available any  more (I looked when I went to England last year – that’s how much I love them!) but I currently have the carpet cleaner at home. The Vanish Power O2 comes in a sachet so we can try it out.

P.S I thought, “I better check I’m not talking rubbish and see if I have Vanish!” When I opened the cupboard it wasn’t there! But, “…it’s not inside, it’s on TOP!” 😉 Sitting out because we use it all the time haha!

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