New Cotton On V&A Waterfront

20140611-003120-1880574.jpgI’m super annoyed with myself that I haven’t gotten around to telling you about the new Cotton On at the Waterfront! I’m sure by now you’re aware that it’s there and I too hopped onto the hype train and visited it 2 weeks ago. Yes. 2 weeks ago – hence my annoyance about not telling you sooner!

I love the new Cotton On store as it’s really big and there are load of options. I’ve mentioned before that in England you can get any style in any size. Here it seems style is reserved for the under 5’10” under 34B range. Well I think it’s BS! Women should be able to look cute no matter what their size. NOT because they’re squeezing into sizes too small but because the manufacturers lower hemlines and expand breast space! And this is why I love Cotton On – because that’s exactly what they do.

I managed to buy myself 2 tops for R200 (which didn’t show my midriff or squash my boobies), I also bought a hoodie for R250 which I’d been looking for as well as “pleather” tights…not too small because they’re made in all sizes – THANK YOU!

Because I spent more than R500 I also received a snood! I picked light pink as it’s a colour I’m less likely to buy so it was a great reason to experiment.

Long may the variation and supplies at Cotton on last. If you’re wondering what to do today – go to Cotton On! Have fun shopping 🙂

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