Daily Dish, NEW Healthy Food Delivery Service

ANOTHER delivery service – boring!!! Daily Dish, boring? NO WAYS! I am so impressed with this new food delivery service, I honestly feel that it is the future in food delivery! Yes Mr Delivery, Delivery Xtreme, pizza deliveries, etc are all very convenient. Having food arrive at one’s door step is very tempting but junk food and eating unhealthily isn’t fun on a long-term basis. So how does one combine healthy home cooked meals with the convenience of delivery? Through Daily Dish! This new food delivery service is all about healthy eating AND convenience.

I arrived back from Canal Walk on Friday night at 10pm. I knew I had to start cooking and I really wasn’t in the mood. I looked at the recipe and it started with, “Put the kettle on to boil. Put a pan on the stove.” I knew I was in business. The recipe and instructions are laid out so clearly and nicely that I felt the product had been developed for tired and busy cooks, just tell me what to do when I’m tired and I’ll do it!

This is how it works: The Daily Dish website publishes +- 5 meals a week. You choose a meal(s) that sounds the most delicious, register on the website, order the food and Daily Dish will deliver those EXACT groceries in the EXACT quantities. We’ve all attempted to cook things we’ve seen on TV but often we end up with bottles or jars of ingredients that we use once and never again. Such a waste of money, and product, but Daily Dish eradicates this problem by only delivering exactly what the recipe requires.

They’ve really put effort into their packages and products. All the ingredients are fresh, precise, individually wrapped, labelled and delivered in a smart, black box. The recipe is in a cellophane sleeve which means no finger prints or oil sploches. It includes a list of utensils, that will be needed, and tips on how to cook the meal nicely. For example, I chose the Orange Honey Chicken. It suggests that one shakes off the marinade before putting the chicken in the pan. I didn’t do this which sent oil splattering all over the show. Ya. Those instructions are there for a reason!

The portion sizes are generous too = value for money. I ordered for 2 and after eating it for my own dinner, I gave the left overs to my married friends as I was going to Earthdance and didn’t want it to go to waste. There was enough for all three of us in very decent portion sizes. They messaged me to say they loved the food!

My Mom hates cooking because she can never think of what to make. She’s also not a big fan of shopping. Daily Dish will save you the mission of going shopping and deciding what to make. The instructions are easy to read and easily understood; cooking for dummys really. I chose the chicken dish because I’m not very good at flavouring chicken. This way I get to improve my cooking technique through friendly, easy, well-tested recipes.

The meal was delicious and I definitely believe that Daily Dish is a great way to provide healthy, nutritious, convenient meals for your family, without the guilt of serving junk food simply because it’s convenient. Next week’s recipes are mouth-watering! Lamb and aubergine bruschetta, fillet pear salad and blue cheese dressing, herbed chicken with baby potatoes, to name a few. Order before 10am each day and Daily Dish will deliver anywhere between Woodstock and Bakoven after 6pm daily.


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