Europe Day 5: Loch Walking

Today we had a chilled day at home. Just sat and watched tele. In the afternoon we took the dogs out for a walk in the loch. Doesn’t seem like a really spectacular thing to do but when it’s a loch and not the beach (Scottish, not South African) it still feels like a special thing to do. The dogs had a field day and I continued to take pictures of the crazy mushrooms in Scotland!

Waking dogs at LochFor dinner we went to a really tasty burger joint in Aviemore. We visited Roo’s Leap the first time we came to Scotland and I had the mexican burger. It was so tasty I’ve been searching the same thing again since returning to South Africa! The only weird thing is that they cook all their burgers well done and I like mine medium. Apparently too many people complained about the food being raw then they did that!

Roo's Leap Burger


Scotland has a world of weird mushrooms growing naturally around the village and forrest. Pretty cool seeing one of these guys in real life 🙂Scottish Mushrooms



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