Europe Day 2: Homme House Wedding

This morning I sat at the Cottage in the Wood restaurant overlooking a beautiful English countryside valley. It’s a bit murky here today but it’s not raining so I’m not complaining!

Cottage in the Wood

Quaint English HousesLast night we also drove back to Malvern through Ledbury which has a ┬ánumber of really cool old school English houses in the them. It’s really fun to see all the old architecture and see how everyone just goes on here like it’s normal to live in a Shakespeare styled house haha It’s very cool. ­čÖé

In Great Malvern I also found a Forrester’s Arms and Claremont pharmacy HAHA

BusfestYesterday we saw lots of VW mini busses arriving at a campsite and setting up for Busfest. We had a bit of a giggle because we saw about 100 cars and thought a bus festival was a funny idea! Well it┬áturns out that it’s the UK’s largest VW bus festival! When we came back from dinner last night there was a massive party going in the valley and we could hear the drum n bass all the way from the top of the hill! In the morning, the amount of fields (about 8 – 10) filled with VW busses and the traffic still coming in was nuts!

We’ve just had a full English breakfast and I mean FULL! I’m full and it was full of weird things that included black pudding and fried bread as well as all the usual suspects: eggs, bacon, sausages, baked beans, brown mushrooms, tomatoes and toast. It was tasty! But lord knows I couldn’t have it every day. Yo!

Full English Breakfast┬áThen it was time to head to Homme House in the beautiful English country side for my cousin’s wedding. It’s fantastic going to these English manor houses and taking in the beautiful trees and lush green fields. Every time I pass a sheep or a cow I say, “THAT COW HAS AN ENGLISH ACCENT!” LOL! ┬áIMG_85941 Wedding Setting


Homme House Grounds

We had mushy peas and mint crostini with pork hock terrine for canapes:

2 Canapes

It wouldn’t be a typical English wedding without a strawberry pavlova!

4 Pavlova

After lunch we explored the grounds and found a secret garden with a mini orchard and another beautiful English church on the grounds of Homme House.

3 Garden Walls

Church at Homme House

After lunch we followed my Dad back to his accommodation so that he could drop off his car so that he didn’t have to drink and drive. On our way around the bend we saw gypsies! REAL GYPSIES! Felt like jumping out the car and interviewing them lol! Didn’t get the best pics ever but there was a lady with a baby on her hip making a fire for her dinner!












We returned to the wedding for party time! Cheese and cake was available. The dance floor opened and later there was even a hog raost. This English weddings start at 1pm in the afternoon and end at midnight. It’s a LONG day with LOADS of food but really fun. We had the most incredible salted caramel ice cream too. All the dairy product sin England are so rich. Very tasty.┬á5 Cake and Cheese


Really holly! Not the plastic fake stuff you get on Xmas cakes in South Africa, the true, lush beautiful plant:

Real holly

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