CTEMF 2015 Headliners:

The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival (CTEMF) has just announced their headlining artists for the 2015:

I have to admit that I’ve not heard of a single one of these artists (except the South African headliners) but the beauty of CTEMF is that it, literally, doesn’t matter. Any year I’ve gone there (CTEMF 2014 for eg.), I’ve genuinely enjoyed what was there and simply took the music in like one would at an art gallery. You don’t know the name of every piece but you can look at it (or listen to it, in this instant) and appreciate it as something new.


I’ve actually been sitting with the CTEMF reveal window open all morning so that I don’t forget to see who will be headlining the boutique Cape Town festival. Yes I’m that excited! Why? Well the CTEMF is slighting different from other Cape Town music festivals. First of all, it runs for 3 days right in the city center. This means – no camping, YAY! (Once you’ve done 20 festivals like I have, you’ll be saying the same.) It’s also more of a showcase of art than party. Don’t misunderstand this statement. It’s a MASSIVE party but they take the opportunity to place acts on the line up that differ from one another so that the audience may notice and experience different styles of electronic music. It’s not 4 days straight of the same genre where you can’t tell when the DJs switched half the time. The variance in line up really grabs your attention.

Thirdly – they have that epic hot dog stand, enough bars and enough seating to allow visitors to be super happy. Yeah, they have other food trucks but, trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve had a pretzel hotdog after 15 tequilas and a day and night of dancing to the most epic music!

Finally, (this is a VERY short list of why it’s so epic) it’s proudly South African. Local artists are weaved inbetween the internationals which really gives us the opportunity to support both our talented countrymen, proudly, and descern whether we really do think internationals are that much better than us. Sometimes they are – fair enough, they’ve done their time. But sometimes our artists are just as epic and that makes me super proud and happy!

So with that in mind, the CTEMF tickets are now on sale so get yours now!

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