[VISIT] Kirstenbosch Boomslang

wide branched tree with sunlight shining through the leavesThere was much excitement when the announcement that tree top canopy walk – the Kirstenbosch Boomslang, would be opened at the local botanical gardens. So when my friend decided to have her farewell under the bows of many a gorgeous tree in the gardens, I was keen to visit and explore the boomslang. So Mr Love and I headed to Kirstenbosch. I’d checked the map to see where they’d be and drove to the top gate.

Let’s just be real and get it out there – Kirstenbosch is the WORST place to have a hang out when it’s the first time your team is going there. But really. Let’s be honest – you’ve planned on meeting friends there before and wandered around trying to find them for hours on end. Yip! Another popular idea is to have a business meeting at the tea house. Because I love paying 50 bucks entry and 20 bucks for a cool drink just to meet and leave half an hour later.

ANYWAY #RantOver #YouGetMyPoint

IMG_3740After missioning around for an hour unsuccessfully finding our friends, Mr Love and I gave up and sat on a bench. The view’s always incredible and well worth the mission (I say begrudgingly and still want to rather act annoyed), but it’s true. Kirstenbosch is spectacular and worth the entry money. Just as we were leaving my friend found us and we managed to join the group. We were pretty tired by then though and didn’t stay too long. But first I had to visit the lady’s bath (lady who? Lady Rhodes was it?!) because it is a pretty cool oasis.

Lady Rhodes bath at kirstenbosch oasis under trees in sunlightOn our way back up the hill to the car, we passed the boomslang and stepped onto it. Haters initially made a big song and dance about the fact that it didn’t go anywhere and that you could walk onto it and then u-turn off it, well, not so. We walked onto the slightly swaying wooden pathway and took in the magnificent views until we’d sauntered through the body and out the other side.

Kirstenbosch Boomslangpeople standing on wooden bridge over looking trees and mountains with blue skiesWooden bridge over tree tops in sunny blue skies and a mountain behindPeople on Wooden bridget over tree tops

The boomslang isn’t very high up off the ground – probably about 3 stories, which doesn’t feel as high when tree tops are rising up the greet you.

footpath between trees

It’s a really lovely addition to Kirstenbosch and it’s fun playing ‘spot my house’ from the top as one glances over the gorgeous tree tops and up at the mountainous hills in admiration. While I do have a Wild Card, Kirstenbosch does not fall under the Table Mountain parks so it’s R50 to enter for adults.

Take in a deep breath. It’s worth the frustration and the money.


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