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IMG_4860_2UCook is a brand new service in Cape Town than ensures you eat well and improve your cooking skills. If you’re sick of your home cooking and want to try to step things up and improve your skills with easy to execute with great flavour combinations then UCook is for you.

Earlier on in the month they sent me 3 meals to try out. Unfortunately, I only managed to cook and shoot two of them. They were really delicious though and I was quite impressed with the service. Here’s what I got up to:


I’m just going to put it striaght out there and say this was the best mushroom risotto I’ve ever had. Yes. That’s a major statement. After watching the infamous risotto eliminate contestant after contestant on Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef, I was really up for the challenge which is why I ordered it from UCook.

UCook sends you all the ingredients you will need for a meal for 1-2. I was excited to put all my tv-watching-education to use and try out the recipe. In terms of the Ucook recipe, there were a couple of shortcuts that weren’t obvious from the start. For example, they bank on the fact that you will have butter and olive oil in your home. I do…because I like cooking. But my folks probably don’t. If you would like to order from Ucook, ensure you have the essentials. These were the ingredients that arrived for the risotto:

U Cook ProduceI used all the tips and tricks I’d learnt from George on Masterchef Australia (like not over stirring) and it came out phenomenally. I could literally eat a bowl of it right now. It took me a bit longer to make than the normal person as I was taking photographs and filming at the same time. But it shouldn’t take you longer than an hour, maybe less. This is how I made it:

Pink bowl, green celery  IMG_4870_2IMG_4875_2  IMG_4916_2_2IMG_4931_2They tell you everything you need to know in the recipe so if you haven’t watched 5 seasons of Master Chef Australia (like I have) then don’t stress.

Mushrooms  IMG_4896_2_2IMG_4884_3  IMG_4887_3IMG_4882_3  cook mushroom risotto  IMG_4909  IMG_4913_2_2IMG_4934_2The second meal was a far simplier pasta steak dish. Super easy and delicious, although I must add that I have mixed feelings about truffel oil. I definitely need to spend a bit more time with it as it is quite pungent and can throw your tastebuds off if you’re not expecting it. I had the same feeling with the pomme frits at Catherine’s in Steenberg. These were the ingredients I received for the pasta steak dish:

Here’s how I made it:

IMG_4944_2  IMG_4947_2 IMG_4956_2  IMG_4957_2IMG_4961_2  Plate UpIMG_4969_2I’d definitely recommend giving UCook a go especially if you’re actually interested in food and cooking and want to try slightly trickier recipes and techniques. The flavours are really great and it’s well worth the effort. I used to cook quite a bit when I worked part time, now I can’t be bothered to do the shopping. Order from UCook, they’ll deliver, you’ll still be able to cook and eat a beautiful meal without the mission. Good luck! Bye for now 🙂

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