Pet Fun with Montego

Yoda and MontegrosI was expecting to have a really horrible day yesterday. For some reason I just could NOT sleep on Sunday night and, you know, starting the week off on a bad note isn’t ever fun. After tossing and turning, getting eaten by mosquitoes, getting up and watching Cops and trying to go back to sleep, I probably fell asleep again at 4am. Monday was going to be fun.

As it turned out the expected day from hell ended up being perfectly lovely! Work went well and I went home making it through the day without feeling terrible. When I got home, I opened the front door and was greeted by a really big orange box! What a fun surprise!

MontegrosMontego (and Velvet Digital) had really put some effort into the package and I love that they had read my Twitter bio and had personalised the card to me. I opened the box and discovered a whole bag of cat food for baby Yods, a pack of Niffty polaroid pictures featuring some of our travel and baby Yoda Instagram pics. As I looked through them I “awwwwed” and “aaaaahed” until I said to Mr Love, “Why the hell am I awwwwing over these pictures?! It’s my own damn cat!” Emotional connection. Good thinking marketing department 🙂

Montegros PackageThe package also included a pet camera. You hang it on their collar, turn it on and it records all the mischief they get up to! Unfortunately Baby Yods doesn’t wonder out much but my Mom’s cat Chubakka is always out and about. He is going to be my first camera victim! Can’t wait to see what he does! The Collar Camera is by Montego and is suitable for dogs or cats. It doesn’t weigh a lot at all and you can choose which “skin” colour you’d like to have on it (silver, green, pink or orange).

Montegros, YUM!Baby Yods loves to play and explore and rip open the box and its wrapping and tucked into her first bowl of Montego. I was surprised she had any as she’s exceptionally fussy (won’t even eat raw meat that I’ll give her while cooking). She hadn’t finished the bowl by the morning but I’m 100% regular pets will love Montego.

Thank you so much to Montego for ensuring my Monday ended with a big smile on my face! The box will remain in the apartment for Yoda to destroy and I’m still thinking of what I should do with the photographs. Thank you!

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