Bay Harbour Market, Houtbay, 14.08.11

It seems that markets are the new best thing in Cape Town. I suppose it makes sense for young married couples or young families to head out to a food friendly, drink friendly, child friendly, pet friendly event which happens during the day. This means that kids can come along, the Dad’s can have a few pints and the Moms can be social. This is the distinct vibe I’m getting from all the markets popping up in Cape Town. It seems the Old Biscuit Mill has started a trend!

This Sunday lunch time I made my way to the latest market on the lips of Cape Townians, the Houtbay Market. Filled with home arts and crafts of the elegant (no shabby pass offs around here), the Houtbay Market it a great place to stop by and get some lunch, relax and hang out with friends (and kids and pets!).

After having some ‘sour’ frozen yoghurt from Sweet and Sticky in Claremont, they’ve met their match in Culture Frozen yoghurt. Made from bulgarian yoghurt, this fat free frozen treats gives you all the ‘tart’ flavour that used to reign frozen yoghurt. Water based it leaves the mouth refreshed and not sticky, ice cream so often leaves me dying of thirst.

The market also hosts a string quartet, filling the air with cheerful lunch times tunes, a Lindt Chocolate stand filled with cakes and all gorgeous chocolate goodies, Karoo lamb roasts, steak rolls, sushi bars, curry, etc. the list goes on and the smell is delicious! So if you’re looking for a fun Sunday lunch spot (not sure when else it’s open) then pop down to Houtbay and enjoy a civilised day out.

P.S Drive past the Look Out Deck entrance all the way to the end of the road and follow the parked cars!

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