A Little Peace of Heaven at the Cellars Hohenort, Constantia

The Cellars Hohenort. How many times have you heard that name? How many times have you visited? Me? Heard it a 100 times, visited – zero. Until now. (Big smile! Big smile! Big smile!)

My gran used to love visiting the Chart Farm at the top of Wynberg Hill. We’d eat fudge and pick grapes or roses, and I’d love to look across the Constantia Valley. But one part always remained a secret to me, and that was how to get to the hill between the mountain and valley? For YEARS I have looked and wondered WHERE that is and how I could get there.

In more recent times I have been spending a bit more time in Constantia and I finally discovered that the hill is home to the most beautiful ‘castle’, the Cellars Hohenort. Luckily for Mr John and me, we were invited to say at the exclusive hotel and it’s been a dream ever since we set foot under the green trees.


I once went to a house in Bergvliet who had decorated their garden TOTALLY with white flowers. I LOOOVED it. Especially since I’d grown up having rabbits and could imagine their little, white flurry bodies hopping around the lush green lawns. Guess what they have at the Cellars? A TOTALLY WHITE GARDEN! Am I in heaven?

Our Hotel Accommodation

Mr John and I arrived and were shown to our little cottage accommodation. Tucked inside its own small, water featured courtyard, we immediately felt like we were far, far away. The room was beautifully appointed; modern elegance with a touch of country (rose lined rafters and books to read).

First on the agenda? A massage at the Fresh Wellness Spa. Located next to the main hotel, I tip toed down the garden path only to be invited into a soothing lounge waiting room (no annoying incense burning, thank goodness). I was totally spoilt from head to toe with a warm stone massage. I can never get over how strong these professionals’ hands are!

Spa selfie!

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After dying in heaven relaxing, I returned to our suit only to watch The Bodyguard on tele from a large bathtub. You don’t understand how happy these small things make me! I needed this people! I loved the attention to detail as well with the vanity accessories placed in the bathroom, such as mini sewing kit, shower cap, nail care kit, etc. all add to the experience.

And after a 90 minute pamper session I get to watch the #Bodyguard in a giant #bath. BEST DAY!

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The Conservatory

For dinner, we visited the Conservatory, a beautiful ‘jungle’ restaurant that invites nature into its cavern without actually having ants in your food. One wall is made totally from glass and another had a large, OLD oak tree down the middle – I literally saw squirrels running up and down! What a dream! The view of the mountain is just exquisite and it’s so wonderful to be so close to the top, especially since I’ve been to a dozen Kirstenbosch Concerts, it was fantastic to ‘know’ the mountain, but not from this angle.


After dinner we returned to our suit and watched more cheesy movies. This is what I need on my downtime. I spend so much time in front of a computer, it was pure joy just to watch The Holiday and relax. Of course Mr John was delighted with the complimentary mini bar. It’s true, sweeties can really delight people in the most unexpected way no matter how old they are!


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The following morning we returned to the Conservatory for one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had in Cape Town. Again, thoughtful! For eg. the pork sausages were no bigger than a mini frizzer. I LOVE this because although I enjoy pork sausages, they tend to take over the whole plate. These mini versions were delicious, gave me the porky goodness I needed without crowding the meal. (Full English Breakfast available for R199.00 per person.)


There was also a beautiful continental spread of fruits, cereals, juices, fruit salad and another favourite of mine – a breakfast glass. I have no idea what this is called but it was SO WELL CONSTRUCTED! The cereal at the bottom was soft, not too much jam, a touch of yoghurt to balance the meal and topped with more cereal to re-add the crunch that would have been lost in the bottom layer. PERFECTLY BALANCED. This is what you want from your breakfast, not some gloopy, stodgy mess. DELICIOUS! (Available for visitors at R155 per person.)

After breakfast we couldn’t tear ourselves away as it was SUCH a beautiful day. We took the long walk ‘home’ by exploring the gardens around the Conservatory. We walked all the way around, under the canapes and along the beautiful, lush green grass.

Still not wanting to inside, we stole away through a secret garden door and found a large garden, I think it was the “Gary Player Golf Green”. Absolutely no one else was around so we just watched the butterflies, the birds, the squirrels in the sunshine and silence. What a beautiful way to spend a morning.

But, as they say, all good things must come to an end so we had to drag ourselves away. But I can’t tell you enough how wonderful it was to stay at the Cellars Hohenort. Really. If you’re from outside South Africa and want a true getaway with easy access to the city, look no further than the Cellars Hohenort (they have shuttles so transport is not an issue). If you’re a local, visit for a meal or treat yourself and request the little cottage we stayed in. You won’t be sorry…until you have to leave. M x

Disclosure: I was not paid for this review, however, our stay was compliments of the hotel. 

PS The only places I didn’t find were the swimming pools. I grew up in a town with heated pools so I was quite keen to find one, but I just kept forgetting when I was exploring the grounds!



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