[Review] Shhhh…Let’s Just Talk About Honest Chocolate…

Friends, a new day has arrived. The day that changes all your ideas about chocolate and chocolatey goodness. So you know I tried Honest Chocolate Cafe at First Thursday a few months back? Well my bff has been going there to enjoy their gluten & sugar free brownies and shakes and I’ve been going along, not thinking much of it, but now I’ve been converted and it’s just SO damn good!

Honest Chocolate Town

I took Little Pook there 2 weekends ago so she could explore the awesomeness that is Honest Chocolate. The Whale street store was really busy (so the secret is out), but it was also raining so it made sense for people to sit in a cafe with a warm drink and something delicious. We sat outside (they have covered the courtyard) and ordered ourselves a small feast including the sweet potato brownie (forget what you know of a brownie, this is a totally different eating experience), a macadamia nut tart and bunny chow.

Honest Chocolate Brownie

MY GOOOODNESSSSS! So much of yum!! Some of their items are sugar and vegan but not all of them, so just make sure to specify. I say it’s a totally different eating experience as it’s nothing like regular chocolate, much more dry and savory, don’t expect a sugar punch.

They have ‘milkshakes’ that are dairy free (coconut milk) which I ordered as I hate milk. It’s a clever drink as the more you stir it the more chocolatey it becomes. Unfortunately for me, there was a hair frozen in a block. They happily replaced it (yes, before I had any) but then they used milk instead of dairy free. Boooo, so I gave most of it to Little Pook.

Honest Chocolate MilkshakeHonest Chocolate MilkshakeHonest Chocolate Milkshake

Our dessert feast was divine. The bunny chow is a hollowed out banana muffin topped with ice cream, capped in chocolate and nuts. Delicious!

Honest Chocolate Bunny ChowHonest Chocolate Bunny Chow

As delicious as the bunny chow is, the absolute win for the day was the salted caramalised tart. YOH! This goodness with blow your mind. TASTTYYYY!!! I also like that you can walk past the kitchen and see the freshly baked goods and items being made on site.

Honest Chocolate Caramel TartHonest Chocolate Caramel TartHonest Chocolate Caramel Tart

Yoh! Yoh! Yoh! Need one now hehehe 😀

Even with a hair in my milkshake I will 110% go back to Honest Chocolate Cafe as it’s THAT good. Plus they made no bones about fixing it and were happy to oblige (service is everything). Find them around the corner from Clarke’s at 64A Whale Street.

Honest Chocolate CafeHonest Chocolate Cafe

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