Maybe Online Dating Isn’t the Way

So I know I’ve been out of the dating game for 6 years so it’s not fair for me to be judgemental about online dating (and I’m not). But I found this really cute video today and it got me thinking…like all good content should! Watch the video and let me know what you think…

It’s so crazy how your feeling about finding the one and love change, on so many levels, for so many years. When I was in high school I never thought I’d have a boyfriend with a name that started with a ‘J’. I thought guys with ‘J’ names were all blonde and blue eyed, surfer types and if their name started with a ‘J’ then they were too cool for me. LOL! (What nonsense you believe when you’re young.) Ironically my first love’s name started with a ‘J’!

One thing that I find SUPER annoying these days: I’ll meet a guy while I’m out somewhere, we’ll start chatting away and then I’ll mention my partner and instantly his face will drop, 5 second later they’re looking totally disinterested, 15 seconds later they’re talking to someone else. It’s shocking that men are literally only interested in you if they think they can hook up with you. It’s like all of a sudden you have no worth as a person and aren’t interesting in any way because you can’t hook up with them! It’s shocking and it REALLY gets under my skin. Yes, on one hand, it’s nice to know they’re not relationship wreckers. On the other hand, their transparency is so insulting! It happens ALL the time. Rant over.

When I saw Mr Love for the first time I thought, “A guy like that would never date a girl like me.” His attitude was totally different to mine, his hair was all wrong (I always thought guys with slick hair were douchebag players!), his style was all wrong (he seemed like a cool skater type, another ‘cool’ thing I thought was out of my realm), his physicality wasn’t my type (I was used to quite tall guys) and now look at us, 6 years later, getting married!

How did we meet? Well I didn’t bother talking to him at the party where I saw him as I didn’t think he’d like a person like me. Then I met him randomly a few days later outside Fiction. We met and I thought, “Weird name.” Then I found him on FB, friend requested him, started talking, saw him at a few more parties, hung out, got to know him. Then only went on a date about 3 months later. So I guess we did kinda do it the old fashioned way.

Whenever I watch the Bachelor I always think about the people being eliminated because they felt there wasn’t a vibe. Mr Love and I are complete opposites and I’ve never been more happy, more grateful or more in love in my life. Perhaps people think chemistry or everything has to be right, right off the bat. In my story, it doesn’t. Sometimes things grow slowly. It gives you time to learn about them, learn about yourself, learn about deal breakers for you, learn about things that don’t bother you, learn about the speed you both (individually) like to live at in life…

Maybe we all just have to give each other a little more time and a little more space to really discover if something is there…what do you think?

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