[VIDEO] Pendulum DJ Set LIVE in Stellenbosch!

Pendulum Stellenbosch Queue 2013Ok I know Pendulum played in Stellenbosch 3 months ago BUT! I had phone trouble when Pendulum was in Stellenbosch so I thought I didn’t have any footage. I actually left my phone in the loo and 2 lovely girls rang my Mom to ask whose phone it was! I was waiting outside the bathrooms though, really praying that someone had found it, so I got it back immediately. But then I had to ring my Mom from Pendulum and say, no, no, everything is fine LOL

For those lucky students, who thought they were unlucky by not attending Ramfest 2013, living in Stellenbosch they managed to catch the super DJ/MC duo El Hornet & MC Verse live for just R70 a ticket! It might not be as awesome as THE actual Ramfest but for R70 a pop, you can’t really complain! They put on a great show and everyone went wild. Check it out:

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