[CLOSED] Royal Dansk Cookies!

Box of cookies with blue diary, white mug and maroon packet of cookies.The great country of Denmark would like us to know that their cookies are available in South Africa and they’d love for you to try them. Apart from being available in most retailers around the country, they also want to send you some!

Their team was kind enough to send me a little taster and, considering I don’t have much of a sweet tooth (and my mother had opened the packet 5 days ago), I found them to be very nice. I tried the oats and blueberry biscuits which came in a little cupcake paper holder. Very light biscuits, perfect with black tea (just how I like it).

I visited the Royal Dansk Facebook Page and Twitter account and those of you who are already fans, seem to love the biscuits. So whether you’re a big Royal Dansk fan or a newbie like me, why not enter this competition to win yourself some bikkies?

Royal Dansk South AfricaSimply:

Sit back, relax, enjoy your cup of tea or coffee and dream about those bikkies that could be on the way to you! Competition closes on the 13th of March. Cheers!

P.S Winners will be announced on the BCTCBlog Facebook Page over the next 2 weeks. AND…there will be a super prize too 😉

Cookie Monster Loves Royal Dansk

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