[To Try] BloKart in Muizenberg

Did I tell you about the time I rode a blokart and nearly died? Oh my days, I’m not even kidding. One of our ex colleagues (maybe her ideas weren’t that great 😉 ) suggested we do something different and, being in a creative space that we are, we figured “Why not!” So off we went to Muizenberg to give this “blokarting” a go. I mean, it DID seem like a great idea in theory. The weather was less than perfect, but we needed the wind and figured we’d make it work.


The instructor was a sweet guy who gave us a demonstration, although, we probably should have worried when he couldn’t give us a direct answer to, “What do we do if we want to stop?” And he replied, “Well, you can’t really. So just let go of the ropes so that the sail gets slack. That should slow you down.”


IMG_0265With my not-too-convinced face, my brave friend Bridget decided to give it a go, I’ll follow behind her.

She set off and took a corner doing fairly well. The wind was picking up and she soon started sailing down the parking lot. And she kept sailing, and sailing, and sailing and get faster, and faster and faster until she was approaching the end of the road SOOOOO quickly!

There was just NO time for her to safely take the corner. Bridge ended up crashing right over the pavement and into the dunes and bushes. Of course I thought this was absolutely hilarious (as seeing someone wipe out is always one of my favourite things) and I went sent into a fit of laughter, ALL too confident that I could do better.

I thought, ‘Right! I’ll go second!’ and off I went. I too went cruising down the lane, but I figured I’d take the lane on the furthest side so that taking the corner wouldn’t be such an issue. WRONG! As soon as I got into the lane I started accelerating at the rate of Lewis Hamilton. I let go of the rope, which caused the sail to catch even MORE wind and I went smashing into the side of the pavement. The best I could do was to look for a sand ramp so that I didn’t hit the curb too hard. This worked, and sent me sailing into the dunes and bushes. Instant karma! That’s what I get for canning myself at Bridget, HAHA! It was hilarious!


My glad-to-be-alive face

Once I was fished out the rough, I got going again and it was pretty cool. But when I got back to the start I wasn’t interested in going around again.

By this point none of the other girls wanted to go but, as Murphy would have it, the wind totally died down and everyone ended up dragging themselves around the track by their heels. This, coupled with the downpour of rain, lead to use to rush off to the pub quicker than you can say, “I’ll have a double”. It was such a fail of a day that the instructor even told us we could come again another day to try it again. Needless to say, we haven’t been back. If you’re a dare devil type guy or gal, definitely give this a go. It’s quite fun if you have nerves of steel.

IMG_0270  IMG_0272


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