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After years of facing the challenges of food truck catering, Pitmasters’ Wouter and Deleen have finally realised their dream of owning their very own restaurant. After meeting the couple, at their home, for an afternoon of American style, slow roasted meats and fiery ginger beer earlier in the year, Pitmasters can finally (and proudly) welcome you to their brand new restaurant.

Pitmasters RestaurantPitmasters Restaurant

Positioned beautifully under the Milnerton lighthouse, Mr Love and I drove out on the opening day to support the new venture.

Pitmasters Restaurant

Pitmasters is a fusion of American themed dining and modern service. With black and white checkered floors, a brick face food counter and diner styled tables (with red pleather covered panelled head rests) on the inside and a wooden deck and bar seating on the outside, the restaurant has space for small or large groups. Their state of the art teller and ordering options (where customers will be able to pay their own tabs in the near future) and where pets are welcome, the restaurant is great for the whole family.

Pitmasters RestaurantPitmasters RestaurantPitmasters Restaurant

On the opening day Pitmasters had teamed up with Lourensford who had paired their wines with their sampling menu. I’m absolutely crazy about their deep fried brisket and ranch sauce. The best way that I can describe these nuggets is that they are warm, crispy meat biscuits. The cool ranch sauce just adding that touch of acidity and brightness from the herbs.

Pitmasters samplesPitmasters samples

Of course the Pitmasters ribs are available, but not without the sauce. I’m not a huge fan of the sauce so I’m waiting for the day their plain rub ribs will be available. Wouter spoke of potentially bringing their slow roasters from their HQ to the restaurant, which I’m all for as their dry ribs are sublime!

Pitmasters deep fried brisketPitmasters deep fried brisket

Mr Love had the pulled brisket sandwich with hand made chips.

Pitmasters foodPitmasters brisket sandwich

The next day, I am Phill Black popped in and found a new, more extensive menu, which wasn’t available on the opening day. The new options include some pizza type dishes and some delicious new side dishes like smokey mac and cheese which Phill said was awesome! I’m keen to try that tasty goodness next time.

The next time you’re looking for somewhere new to try, give Pitmasters a go. Head down to Milnerton, have some lunch and wear off the headiness of your wine with a lovely stroll along the beach.

Boring Cape Town Chick walksBoring Cape Town Chick walksBoring Cape Town Chick walksBoring Cape Town Chick walksBoring Cape Town Chick walksMilnerton Beach at Pitmasters

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