Awesome Powerbank from Superbalist!

Hi friends, happy nearly public holiday day! (It’s Heritage Day tomorrow!). I’m so happy that it’s a short week and that it’s festival season, especially because I just got this cool thing from Superbalist. I don’t know what your thoughts are on the brand but, for me, words like, “too cool”, “hipster” and “expensive” pop up. Mr Love LOVES Superbalist. The amount of times I’ve seen him surfing on the chic online store is – countless! But he happens to be a pretty cool dude, an early adopter, an “I’ve seen that” the second you tell him about a video that’s just hit South African Facebook. So I guess I’ve always felt it was for the coolest of the cool.


I’ve looked at Superbalist before, but I’ve found things to be quite pricey and not entirely exclusive. Being a savvy shopper like I am, I wouldn’t order something online that I know I can get for less, elsewhere. But Superbalist pride themselves on having unique items so I decided to see what they currently offer.

Interestingly, this time I actually found items on Superbalist for less than I’ve seen them elsewhere! But I wanted to look for something really unique, not just anything, so I got Mr Love on the case. He set about trying to find something that we could both use. He came back with a Tangle Teazer – a hairbrush that found notoriety with the dragons of Dragon’s Den who rejected the concept, and then it went on to sell over a million pounds worth of stock after the show! He also found a very cute cat mat for our front door, which we need. And, finally, something REALLY unique – the EMIE Powerbank!

Superbalist Unique Items

Why on earth would be we buy this? Because Mr John (nee Love) loves to vape! And I love to tweet! And it’s festival season coming up! Earthdance was last weekend, Rocking the Daisies is in 2 weeks, seems the perfect gadget for outdoor festivals. And, yeah, there are charging stations at the festivals, but I’d much rather be in control of my own phone & not have to trust it to someone else with it. AND Mr John will be able to charge his vape wherever we are at the festival, which is pretty awesome!


I ordered the Powerbank and Superbalist said it would take 3 working days (free delivery). I’m used to claims being made and then not delivered, so you could imagine my surprise when it arrived last Friday, in time for Earthdance! So on Saturday we packed the car, headed to the festival and used it to charge both our phones and Mr John’s vape! It was awesome! (Sorry that I didn’t get a picture to show you, I forgot!)


I did what any self respecting time-saving individual would do – I signed up via Facebook. While I don’t want things posting to my wall, it does save time. And if you’re worried about ‘them’ having your details, if you’re on Facebook, you’re already on the system so you can let that one go.

Sign up for Superbalist via FacebookSuperbalist sign up


Once I’d put my voucher number into Superbalist, there was a R99 shortage so I figured I’d have to input my credit card details. BUT, what I LOVED about Superbalist is that they gave you a ton of options to use to pay! And I chose eBucks, what a joy! I’ve only ever bought electricity with my eBucks ‘coupons’ so this was awesome. I slid the money paying thing all the way over to eBucks (it lets you pay half ebucks half cash if you don’t have enough eBucks coupons) and paid with it!

Pay with eBucks on SuperbalistPay options on Superbalist


Superbalist can ship for free to urban areas. If you want it quicker (in a day or two) then you can pay a little extra. I didn’t chose that though as I genuinely wanted to see how long it would take to get to me. We absolutely love our new Powerbank, thank you Superbalist!

*This post was not paid for, however, Superbalist did furnish me with a voucher.

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