A Special Dinner with Chefs Who Share & Frey Chocolat

I was invited to the most delightful dinner last week by Frey Chocolate and Chefs Who Share, in association with Swiss Air. I wasn’t too sure where I was going because ‘Tulip House’ didn’t seem to be a venue many people knew, but when I arrived I realised why. Tulip House is the headquarters of Opulent Living, the magazine for the the finer things in life.

Opulent Living HQ

I was warmly welcomed into the mini loft with a glass of bubbly. Centered was a beautifully laid table with fresh flowers, antique cutlery and glass bowls filled with assorted Frey’s chocolates. I knew I was in good hands for the evening 😉

Frey ChocolatFresh Flowers

Company included a number of bloggers and magazine writers as well as the Opulent Living staff. I was delighted to meet Barbara Lenhard, co-founder of Opulent Living and organiser of Chefs Who Share, an initiative that brings together 14 of the country’s top chefs and 7 acclaimed sommeliers who work together, on the night in teams, to create a culinary feast for 252 guests, while auctioning art in order to raise funds for charity.

This evening, I was lucky enough to enjoy food by Swiss celebrity chef and Swiss International Air Lines brand ambassador Reto Mathis (who also judged in the Chef’s Who Share initiative that raised 2 million Rand for youth development in South Africa). Because of the loft’s open nature, I was able to sit and see the chef cook and ask him why my risotto didn’t work out when I last made it!

Chef Reto MathisChef Reto MathisChef Reto Mathis

Once the chef had prepped the food we all settled at the dining room table, where we were warmly welcomed by Barbara who told us a little more about Chefs Who Share and the Young Chef’s initiative that sees one young South African chef win the opportunity to present their food on the Chefs Who Share evening. Chef Mathis then told us about the dinner we would be having…

Chef Reto MathisChef Reto Mathis

…which included confit salmon, risotto with stroganof beef and chocolate torte and mousse:

COnfit SalmonChef Reto Mathis RisottoChef Reto Mathis mousse

It was wonder to meet new people, get to know other bloggers a little better, learn about the foodie initiatives in Cape Town and enjoy exquisite wine and food.

Opulent Living HQ

Myself and Swiss Celebrity Chef Reto Mathis
Myself and Swiss Celebrity Chef Reto Mathis


With so many different types of Frey chocolate at my disposal, it was only natural for me to quality control each type 😉 . My favourite Frey chocolate is the light blue (dairy milk) with almond-honey-nougat. I’m actually not a nougat fan as it always wrecks my teeth, but the Frey’s nougat comes in very small pieces and is DIVINE! It doesn’t stick to your teeth and attempt to pull out them out! I also love that the mini slab versions come with a zigzagged slats in it which makes them so easy to bite. I realise I sound like an old lady right now, but I didn’t have braces for 5 years in order to ruin my teeth! Chew factor does matter when it comes to purchasing food, in my world.

Frey Chocolat

There was a wonderful sense of occasion on the evening, which I really enjoyed. There’s definitely something to be said for the days when people knew who to say, do and wear! Don’t get me wrong, I love modern living, however, I do enjoy a sense of occasion.

Thank you to Chocolat Frey and SWISS, Chocolat Frey, Wired Communications and Barbara Lenhard from Chefs Who Share and Opulent Living for having me on such a wonderful evening of beautiful food, fine wine and great company. Thank you to Barbara who sent me over a pair of delightful orange tea cups, which my Mom also absolutely adores. We will now use them as our Mother-Daughter tea drinking cups!



Chefs Who Share in partner Mercedes-Benz and associate sponsors Deutsche Bank, Swiss International Air Lines, Bulgari, Frey Chocolate, the Century City Conference Centre and Taj Cape Town, the gala brought together 14 of the country’s top chefs and seven acclaimed sommeliers, who for one night only worked together in seven teams to create a culinary feast for 252 guests.

Chefs who Share

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