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The app for housekeepers is here! Yes, think Uber, but not for lifts, for Housekeepers! I proudly introduce to you SweepSouth (if you’ve not already heard of them). SweepSouth is a project that’s so future South Africa, it’s awesome.

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A Little Back History For Full Disclosure…

I’ve had SO many housekeepers in South Africa. It actually makes me quite sad to think about it because in Namibia we had one domestic worker for 28 years. She was part of our family and literally watched us grow up. And we were there when she had her own children and they grew up. We had a lot of mutual trust and mutual respect. I’m sad because I’ve just NOT managed to find that same type of relationship in South Africa.

In recent years, I had an amazing housekeeper. We became (I thought) good friends. I loved learning about life in the townships and getting REAL feedback from life in South Africa, not just my version of it.

We “worked together” for about 5 years until the fateful day when money started going missing. She acknowledged she had done something wrong by apologising to me, but what can you do? No person wants someone who steals from them in their home, be it a friend or employee. I felt SUPER betrayed and a sense of loss for having a permanent housekeeper.

Should I Try SweepSouth?

I was hesitant to try SweepSouth (even though it had caught my attention online), because I’m mistrusting of people having access to my home, all my personal and private things. I was also afraid to review SweepSouth as the company is owned by one of my best friend’s sisters! And I REALLY didn’t want the drama of having to deal with a situation if the service wasn’t good! So I thought I’d just leave it up to the universe. So when a PR company approached me, totally independently to my friendship, I knew the time was right and I couldn’t help but accept.


SweepSouth Cleaning Services

SweepSouth is all about providing domestic cleaning services to you. You’re able to book a housekeeper up until 1 day before (or more in advance if you’re that organised!) via the SweepSouth website or app. In my case, I booked a housekeeper the day before and received a confirmation e-mail that a lady would arrive at 8am.

4 Steps To Using SweepSouth

SweepSouth is super easy to use. Follow these 5 steps:

  1. SweepSouth Cleaning Service

    How much help do you need?

The user journey starts with SS asking you a few questions about your home in order to determine how much time you need. This includes how many rooms you’d like serviced as well as extra chores such as cleaning the inside of your fridge, or your external windows, etc. If you need a lot done, they will send 2 cleaners!

SweepSouth Cleaning Service

2. Do you need cleaning agents? 

SweepSouth cleverly offers to bring cleaning agents with them if you’re out. But if you have your own then you can ignore the offer. In terms of equipment like mops, vacuum cleaners, etc. home owners are expected to provide their own accessories. I had all of these things so I didn’t need the housekeeper to bring anything along.

3. E-Mail Confirmation

Once you’ve booked your cleaner, SS will send you an e-mail confirmation to inform you of who will be arriving. On this occasion, my initial lady was switched out a few hours after I booked. I wasn’t that stoked about the change as I was sceptical about having someone new in my home anyway. But I learnt that the app can switch ladies in order to cut down travel time and expense. I actually fully agree with this now as it just makes sense. Going forward, if you do, however, want the same lady again you are able to rebook them on the app.


4. Safety and Security

All SweepSouth housekeepers are background checked – that’s a lot more than most of us do with most domestic workers we’ve employed! I have never had a copy of my housekeeper’s ID – neither have I had their address! I felt embarrased to ask for personal information, which is pretty crazy considering housekeepers have free reign to all our vital documents and possessions. Luckily, SweepSouth covers all of this so if there are issues, they can assist.

5. Leave a Note

Sometimes I use Postits or notes for my SweepSouth lady so she knows exactly what to focus on for the day. Because I work full time, I can’t be there to monitor her all day. I also LOVE that they bring their own lunch! Ermergherd! Finding lunch for a lady is such a pain! (Yes I’m that disorganised.) I have a notepad on my fridge which our cleaners use to leave a shopping list for me when detergents are finished.


Who Arrived When I Booked?

In the morning I opened the front door to Phini! She was a few minutes early, calm and professional. She introduced herself as Phini and shook my hand. I REALLY appreciated this! I often feel I have culture clashes with housekeepers and I really appreciated this simple, but professional approach. I showed her around and she got to work.

Half way through the day, I received a message from Mr John saying (basically), “Holy crap! This lady is doing an amazing job! She’s turning the flat upside down!” In a good way, of course. For my husband, an introvert’s introvert to actually pick up his phone and send a compliment – well I’d have put money on pigs flying that day.

He even managed to snap a few pictures of the legend that is Phini!

Sweepsouth - Domestic Cleaning Service - Boring Cape Town Chick 1

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A Job Well Done

I had asked for some laundry to be ironed as a part of my SweepSouth service. Well Phini went above and beyond, motoring through our items like nobody’s business! Neatly folding and leaving them on our dining room benches, which suited me so I was happy to pack them away properly.

Sweepsouth - Domestic Cleaning Service - Boring Cape Town Chick 4

I feel that so many housekeepers are just housekeepers as they have no other employment. They don’t actually take pride in what they do and aren’t particularly good at it. I used to have a housekeeper in town that would fold my clothes while still damp and pack them away! So if you got home on a Friday night and wanted to get changed, everything would still be damn. SO random!

But I really feel Phini went above and beyond. SMALL things like folding our blankies over the end of our couch, putting cheese into a tub so that it didn’t get all hard and crappy from being left out, putting the cleaning agents back neatly – she even cleared the top of the tumble dryer! I swear I haven’t seen that surface in 3 years!

Sweepsouth - Domestic Cleaning Service - Boring Cape Town Chick 5  Sweepsouth - Domestic Cleaning Service - Boring Cape Town Chick 7 Sweepsouth - Domestic Cleaning Service - Boring Cape Town Chick 8Sweepsouth - Domestic Cleaning Service - Boring Cape Town Chick 6

Tips in Tricks for the Best SweepSouth Service

1. Book Sooner Rather Than Later

Unfortunately, if your lady cancels on the day or can’t arrive then no one arrives. I got lucky because another housekeeper was cancelled on, in the same area, so she was able to come to me instead. I contacted SweepSouth on my way to work and they sorted this out, which I really appreciated. So book sooner rather than later so that if something goes wrong, your house isn’t a complete mess.

2. Try Different Housekeepers

I loved the first house keeper I got and was kinda bleak when I couldn’t book her again. But I actually found trying out several ladies to be a great help! Some focus on laundry, others sorting, others cleaning – I mean, not everyone is the same. So actually think allowed me to “fine tune” the right person for my home. Currently I like to book 2 different ladies.

3. Start Early

A few times the various ladies couldn’t find my home so ask the to come earlier rather than later. Some of them just ran late full stop. So don’t ask them to arrive at 8am if you need to leave at 8:15. Ask for 7:30am so that there’s enough time to let them in, leave instructions, etc.

4. How Much Does It Cost?

If you’re a bit on expendable income, just book for a few hours (to reduce to cost) or do your own bathrooms to reduce the time and focus on the ‘issue’ parts of your home like laundry, fridge defrosting, etc. The minimum hours are 4 so it will cost about you about R120 minimum. I usually got for 7.5 hours to the value of about R300. SweepSouth focuses on providing honest work for dignified pay. With the lack of morale and state of employment in South Africa at the moment, I’m ALL on board for this kind of service.

In Closing…

I have to say that I am really impressed with SweepSouth. The website was extremely simple, intuitive and efficient. You can select housekeepers to come for a few hours or a whole day. The service was excellent (I have used them over 10 times now and rebook ladies who I think fit with us the most well).

Congratulations to the SweepSouth team for ‘investing’ such a great service (it’s a wonder no one did it before!). They are currently working on a mobile app so that will be available in the future. If you’re stuck for help in the home, give SweepSouth a try. I’d love to hear your views so feel free to leave a comment below.

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If You Would Like to WORK at SweepSouth

I have received a number of queries from ladies looking to work at SweepSouth. Go to their website here: https://sweepsouth.com/apply/ and follow the instructions to apply for a job.


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    Hi am Kabelo Diale From Ranburg Kya Sand am looking for a job and i have been trying to apply with a domestic worker to sweep south I’m very hard worker my phone number is 079 480 9644

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    My name is Faith Makore, Now it’s have been long time since I start to apply to work with sweepsouth but they are not responding… I have more than 5years experience and l am a hard worker and trustworthy also… My phone number is 0848603355 I am available at all times. Thank you

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    My name is Sibongile I have been trying to apply to work with sweepsouth but they not responding me .I am a very hard worker trustworthy and humbly my con number is 0794739560 thank u

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    I’m looking for job,I have 3 years experience of housekeeping and the computor science if you have any job for me you can contuct me anytime,I am able to work hard with any job,thank you