Sunday nights with Friends, Cards and Savanna…

*Warning, this blog post is intended for readers over the age of 18 years only.

Have you played Cards Against Humanity yet? Have you heard of it? I can’t actually remember where I first saw it, but I never forgot about it and have been curious ever since! I even tried to get 3 people to bring it from England for me, but you can only buy it on Amazon which makes it complicated. Why am I so curious? Because the game’s slogan is “The party game for horrible people”.

Cards Against Humanity

I think we can all be nice or horrible. I’m a nice person, until I’m on hold with a telecommunications company. Then I’m a very horrible I’ve been keen to play. Cards Against Humanity is super simple. There’s a black card with a question or a complete the sentence. Everyone gets 10 white cards, which you use to answer the question or complete the sentence.

The worst, most horrible answer that makes everyone laugh the most, wins. Whoever submitted that answer, is given the black card. And you just go around and around playing until all the cards are finished.

Cards Against Humanity

The most amazing thing about it is that the game costs $25 (R330), but the owners of the game have uploaded the PDF’s and you’re legally allowed to download it for free! So that’s what we did on Saturday. Downloaded and printed and now we have it for R100 (the cost of printing!).

IMG_8996  IMG_8995

This week Savanna sent me a 6 pack of their brand new 400ml cans of cider. When we were invited to a friend’s house for a braai last night, it seemed the perfect occasion to crack open a cider, hang out at the fire and play #CAH. Needless to say, it was HILARIOUS! And oh so wrong. Since Savanna loves having a laugh, they’re giving you the opportunity to win a hamper including their new cans too.

Savanna 440ml


Win a Savanna branded ice bucket, sunglasses and the new 440ml can six-pack valued at R1200! Enter via Facebook by:

  • Like the Boring Cape Town Chick Facebook Page.
  • Leave your best joke on this post comment section
  • Leave your e-mail address so I can mail you if you win!

Remember, you’re not allowed to bring glass bottles into festivals so if you’re planning on hanging out with friends at home or at a festival, bring a board game, enjoy Savanna in a can and have a laugh… unless you’re a very sensitive person/don’t have a good sense of humour/can’t laugh at yourself, then you’ll hate it and you should definitely NOT play it.

Get Cards Against Humanity in South Africa by downloading the game for free.

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