[REVIEW] A Surprising Dinner at Mezepoli

I can’t say I’ve ever had a meal in Camps Bay that’s been good enough for me to drive back to. I’ve eaten there numerous times over the past 20 years, still can’t be bothered to deliberately drive there for grub. Until now. I’m really, really looking forward to going back to Mezepoli! (Ok I should be totally honest and say that I have had 2 good meals in 20 years. Once at the Grand for my friend’s wedding reception and once at Caprice. They had an awesome winter special on. But I REALLY can’t say the same for any of the other places I’ve eaten there.)

I was kindly invited to a blogger event this October at Mezepoli in Camps Bay. I can’t even remember why I accepted, other than the hopes of having a decent meal in Camps Bay. My mate I am Phill Black and I took a turn over the hill and parked at Dizzy’s (even though it was a Monday night, it was busy!). Mezepoli is a modern Greek restaurant although they describe themselves as a meze and wine bar. The decor is beach chic that is light and modern. It’s so great to see a Greek restaurant in the 21st century without half clad, vine crowned, men and women murals!

Mezepoli Camps BayMezepoli Camps Bay

We were warmly welcomed by everyone at Mezepoli and enjoyed meeting other bloggers and media personalities. We were initially given hummus and feta, which I didn’t think much of, but MY GOODNESS was it tasty!!! Wow! I wanted to eat the whole thing! Paired with warm, crispy deep fried pita breads (or something like that), it was divine!

Mezepoli Camps BayMezepoli Camps Bay

Already impressed with the basics, I was looking forward to the next course. And next courses there were! I think we had about TWENTY courses! The food just kept coming and it was all fresh and delicious! More specifically, our next “course” was a vegetarian course. This included an exotic mushrooms dish, feta and gruyere cheese croquettes and spanakopita.

Mezepoli Camps BayMezepoli Camps BayMezepoli Camps Bay

Our next course was a salad course where we were given spring souvlaki (Mediterranean vegetables grills on a skewer) and a Mediterranean salad made with fresh rocket, cherry tomatoes, mixed peppers, gruyere, croutons, olive oil and a balsamic dressing.

Mezepoli Camps BayMezepoli Camps Bay

Our third course was seafood where we shared calamari that was stuffed with feta and peppers, line fish prepared in foil and 6 queen prawns butterfly grilled in a light lemon butter. I don’t eat seafood and even I had a bite or two of these plates as they looked so good! Everyone enjoyed them, so if you’re a seafood eater, I’m sure you’ll love them!

IMG_5609 IMG_5619 IMG_5616

The meat course really impressed me though. We were given soft meatballs that were out of this world! SO juicy! (See them in the background of the calamari pic.) I really thought they would be dry and horrible as they didn’t come in a sauce but I was totally wrong. This is the second reason why I want to go back to Mezepoli! I believe they are called Keftethes “mamma’s homemade meatballs”. Well mama, I love ya! The steak was also melt in your mouth soft. 300g of juicy sliced fillet, lightly basted and grilled to perfect – exactly as the menu promised. We were also given chicken wings in a peri-peri sauce and souvlaki chicken, which I enjoyed but they were nothing on the meatballs and fillet.

Mezepoli Camps BayMezepoli Camps BayMezepoli Camps Bay

For dessert we had a classic Greek dish, Baklava. Made with finely crushed nuts in the quintessential phyllo pastry, this was actually a lovely “moderate” baklave, not OVERLY sweet and sticky, which I really liked. Served with fresh ice cream, beautiful!

Mezepoli Camps Bay

My favourite person of the night was Dine Guy, Mark. Originally from Holland, he is HILARIOUS!!! Phill usually cracks me up but Mark had Phill and I in tears all evening! Make sure you check out his blog as well.

Mezepoli Camps BayMezepoli Camps Bay

I’d like to thank Mezepoli and Benike for inviting Phill and I on the night. We had SUCH a good time and the food really was wonderful. I have full intention of returning this summer time. Find Mezepoli on the main strip in Camps Bay. They don’t have a sign that screams your name, so look out for it.


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