Rejuvinating Myself with Healing Earth

I have to start this blog post with an apology. As many of you know (either because you blog yourself or visit my blog enough to know) blogging consistently is one of my biggest challenges. “Consistently” meaning rate of publishing (one blog post per day/5 days a week) and prioritising, which posts are urgent and which are important. By this time, my introduction of Healing Earth for you is SOOOOOO long overdue I may as well just give up blogging. I feel like I’m in a long distance relationship with the brand; something I think of daily, but am never close to being close to! Healing Earth sent me this beautiful product box over THREE MONTHS AGO! Healing Earth team, I’m sorry.

(Here come the excuses…) Healing Earth arrived on my door in autumn. I have 3 good excuses for my lack of sharing this beautiful product range with you. 1) I just got a shower. After being forced to bath for the last 5 years (literally), I FINALLY have a shower. WOW! Life’s fun with a shower! But that means no long baths, soaking and product experimenting. 2) Winter = shut windows, doors, curtains and blinds. One of the products included a room spray. There hasn’t been any spring cleaning and scent spraying around my home lately. 3) I have a day job. I struggle to blog every day and my ability to be creative and inspired in winter, after work, = not high. So again, Healing Earth team, I’m so SORRY!

BUT! It’s Spring and those excuses are wearing thin and I’m pleased to say that I’ve had enough time to try out the products and enjoy them. Healing Earth is a premium body care range that is not only packaged beautifully, but provides great skin nourishment. They were kind enough to ask me which 5 products I would like to try. I selected a room spray, bath crystals, bubble bath, de-stress eye gel and hand cream.


My friend at work is OBSESSED with hand cream. I actually hate hand creams, but I thought she could offer her “professional” opinion on the Healing Earth cream. She may be in her 30’s but her hands look like a teenager’s! Because of this, I took the Healing Earth hand cream to work and it ABSOLUTELY SAVED me after Rocking the Daisies. For some reason, no matter what I touched just felt like dust. I thought it was my hair initially so I washed my hair after the weekend and still, dusty. I realised it was my hands that had lost their tenderness. When I got to work on Monday morning I hit the Healing Earth hand cream and it was a JOY. I LOVE it because it absorbs quickly and disappears into nothing. I wash my hands about 20 times a day. I can’t STAND the feeling of something read “anything” on them. Healing Earth easily absorbs and leaves your hands feeling soft and fresh, but not sticky. THANK GOODNESS! I now use it at work almost every single day. The glass bottle adds a touch of elegance and the cream smells EXACTLY like Lemon Cremes – remember those childhood biscuits? Yip! Light and fresh. Brilliant.

Healing Earth Hand Cream 


The sun had caught me a bit at Rocking the Daisies (when doesn’t it) and my legs were feeling a little sensitive. I thought the pure salt crystals would immediately disappear the second they hit the water, but nope! They actually dissolve slowly, releasing a soft nourishing oil. I wasn’t sure how many to put into the bath and when I realised they released a soft oil I thought I may have overdone it. But nope! They were wonderfully soft on my skin and I really felt like they rejuvenated my weary legs.

Healing Earth        IMG_6413 IMG_6415


Now that I’m scrolling back the curtains and blinds for the spring light to come in, adding a touch of room spray every now and again is lovely. Mr John isn’t TOO sure about the smell as it smells like lemongrass and all our friends with dreadlocks use lemongrass oil on their dreadlocks! So if you’re not a thai food fan lemongrass fan, then this won’t be for you. If you’d like a soft touch to freshen your room though, you’ll LOVE it!



The Healing Earth De-stress Eye Gel was something I was particularly interested as I’ve had some trouble sleeping this year. When you’re so busy, it takes a toll on your ability to fall asleep at night and I often wake up with very tired eyes. Hay fever and leaving your make up on can also play a role, oops! When I wake up in the morning, I remove any left over make up that I missed and apply a touch of the De-stress eye gel. It’s wonderfully cooling, much like a menthol type cream except it’s delicate and doesn’t burn your skin! I’m not sure if it does anything for my skin in the long term, however, it really is a lovely way to start the day. It relaxes your eyes and when gives your skin a ‘break’ before applying make up again.



Again the Healing Earth bubble bath was a surprise. A much thinner, runnier consistency than many commercial products, the Healing Earth bubble bath creates a lovely foam. Always soft and gentle on the skin  and doesn’t make your bath a weapon of death (by causing you to slide all over the show and nearly kill yourself when getting in and out the bath!). The Healing Earth bubble bath is actually probably better for summer than winter as it’s light texture and moisturizing keeps you feeling fresh.


I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with the Healing Earth products. Consider them for gifts or to spoil yourself if you’d like to try something different. Currently Healing Earth is available at the Wellness Warehouse, Le Quartier Francais, Steenberg and Boshendal, to name a few.

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