Everything You Need to Know About Rocking the Daisies 2016

If you’re like me you know exactly when Rocking the Daisies – always the first full weekend in October. I say full weekend because, over the past few years, Rocking the Daisies has actually kicked off on a Thursday afternoon and ran until Sunday lunch time. This year’s festival is no different and will be taking place from the 6th – 9th of October 2016.

Rocking the Daisies 2016

Rocking the Daisies 2016 Festival Details:

Date: 6-9 October 2016

Place: Cloof Wine Estate, Darling

Rocking the Daisies 2016 Facebook Event

Road Map to Rocking the Daisies

How Much are Rocking the Daisies 2016 Tickets?

On Monday the 25th of April tickets will go on sale. Now, if you’ve been snoozing I can let you know that you’ve already missed out. The festival offered early bird tickets a few months ago which are already SOLD OUT! So if you want a ticket and you want it ‘goedkoop’, now is the time.

Phase 1: R795 – Available on 25th April 2016. SOLD OUT

Phase 2: R895 – Available to reserve on 5th May 2016; to buy 25th of May 2016. SOLD OUT

Phase 3: R995 – Available to reserve on 1st June 2016, to buy on 25th June 2016.

Book Now, Pay Later

Rocking the Daisies understands that finding nearly a thousand bucks when you’re a student can be tricky. That’s why they’re allowing you to book your tickets now and pay later, for phase 2 & 3 tickets. Once Phase 2 reservation allocations have been reached, Phase 3 reservations will open. Reserving your ticket in the different phases will GUARANTEE you your tickets, as long as they are bought in the given time period. Failure to do so will result in you having to wait till after phase 3 tickets have gone on sale to the public.

Rocking the Daisies 2016 Ticket Purchase Phases


Ticket transfers will open on 1 June and will close 12 hours before the festival gates open. All tickets can be transferred online and will cost R50.



In July all tickets will become available to the public – if there are any left!

Note: Rocking the Daisies do not guarantee that tickets will be available after the third phase so we urge you to purchase your reserved tickets in the allocated phase.

How To Buy Your Rocking the Daisies 2016 Tickets

Log onto Rocking the Daisies at 9am on Monday 25 April as Phase 1 kicks off. Tickets will be R795 for a full weekend pass, excluding booking fee. Phase 2 kicks off on the 5th of May 2016, log onto the Rocking the Daisies site and once all the phase 2 tickets are reserved, Phase 3 will kick in. On the 25th of May 2016 Phase 3 tickets will be available to buy – once you’ve reserved yours, log in and pay for them from the 1st of June.

After the reserved tickets have been sold public sales open. This means everyone else (those guys) who haven’t reserved their tickets using our nifty reservation system will be able to buy tickets. No promises there’ll be any left though.

See you there! PS I know I said I wouldn’t go again, but come on! It’s RTD!!!


  1. Main Stage (local and international bands)
  2. Campsite Stage (smaller bands, pre-festival music that kicks off on Thursday night)
  3. Beach Bar (house DJ bar)
  4. NuWorld Beat Barn (Balkan and new world beats)
  5. Electronic Dome (Rave Cave! All electronic music)
  6. Two Up’s (hip hop stage)
  7. We Love Summer
  8. Tropical Roast (“a new party department, radically weird and wonderfully eccentric)
  9. Electronic Campsite Stage (Hot new acts spinning the freshest new beats)
  10. Lemon Tree Theatre (Comedy tent)


The line ups are being announced every Monday from June the 20th, 2016. Here’s the Rocking the Daisies 2016 line up.


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