[App] I’m Loving Zomato! Are You Using It Yet?

Have you tried Zomato yet? I love it! A few years ago FourSquare was all the venue review rage but it changed it’s login system and it became too complicated for me to bother. (Yes we’re living in an age where using 2 apps to do 1 thing is too much of a mission.) Last year when I went to London and found it quite tricky to find restaurants in areas I was unfamiliar with first hand. I tried Trip Advisor, Facebook and FourSquare but missed having a comprehensive, real time, real people app at my finger tips. Hello 2015 and hello Zomato!

I’d seen it spoken about here and there but never sat down to check it out until I was hungry and needing dinner. My friend and I were looking at places on our Entertainer app but I hadn’t been to many of them.  A friend of mine had joined the Zomato brand so I figured I’d download it and check it out. From the moment I logged on, I was hooked!

I suppose there’s nothing out of this world different about it except the quality level. Simple to use, easy to navigate with all the information you’re looking for at your finger tips. Menus, cost per person, location services, maps, Uber integration, opening times are just a few of the features. Currently Zomato also has a list of cricket viewing restaurants in their Ideas for You front page section, a great service for those who are seeking current information.

Each and every restaurant is visited by a Zomato representative to ensure it is true and accurate (let’s not get into fake IDs, catfishing and the mountain range of online BS out there). Once you log in, you can easily complete your profile and start sharing your thoughts on various venues as well. Add photographs and your notes. They have a cashless system coming soon too which will be awesome. I also love Snapscan – do you know it? You’re also able to search for places in your current area or in other areas. For example, I looked up Waterkloof wine estate.

*Please note that these are collages of app pages that I have put together. The image on the left is the actual size of the app pages.

Waterkloof Wine Estate on Zomato

Follow other users if you agree with their taste, leave comments on their reviews. I love Zomato so much that I’ve teamed up with them so feel free to follow me if you want to see my Boring Cape Town Chick Zomato reviews. To follow me:

  • Download the Zomato App
  • Sign up and login
  • Go to Feed (next to red and white plus sign at the bottom)
  • Click the “plus people” icon in the top right corner
  • Search for me by clicking “Find friends on Zomato” or connect with your Facebook friends.

Alternatively, click on feed to see what the friends that you already follow are saying about the recent places they’ve visited.

Try out Zomato if you’re looking for a place to eat or drink for any occasion and are looking for honest, customer experience reviews. Born up a tree!


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