Have You Heard of the UnScene?

Hello! I hope you’re having a good day so far. 🙂  So, music talk! Have you heard of the UnScene? The title grabbed my attention while scrolling through Facebook one day so I decided to hit my friend up to learn more about it. Zain (the creator) and Patrick (one of the brand’s newest contributors) gave me a quick Q&A:

BCTC: What is UnScene About?

P: The UnScene Productions was officially established in March 2014 as a non-profit organization, with the aim of growing and uniting the local South African alternative music scene by organizing live music events, gatherings and other scene related activities.

Having recently refreshed UnScene, the UnScene has assembled a new team. Zain, the group’s creator tells us about the team.

BCTC: Tell us about who’s involved/your team?

Z: Patrick, Aurora, Sonia, Brent, Lizzy, Max and Jessica have all decided to put their faith in this organization while carving their names into its crest; with additional input and invaluable contributions to future goals and objectives. Each team member has been carefully selected and the team now boasts a range of talents with experience in fields such as sound engineering, event organizing, printing, graphic and web design, admin and plain old ladies’ men.

The UnScene Team

BCTC: How has it developed?

P: The organization has grown over the last 2 years, with notable accomplishments such as our all-ages events, free entrance shows and other ventures in between. Currently, The UnScene is moving toward further expansion, establishing a brand and pursuing larger projects, all with the aim of supporting South Africa’s local alternative community.

These changes will allow us to continue to aid the scene, it’s musicians, fans and venues in any way we can for the foreseeable future.

BCTC: Who does the UnScene want to promote?

P: The UnScene is happy to get involved with bands and members of the Alternative and Metal scene in Cape Town. We have a range of events that cater for bands on every level, from bands playing their first show (wanting to experience the stage) to bands embarking on nationwide tours.

Our role as the UnScene is to deal with logistics from venue booking, technical assistance, social media and physical promotion of shows and attending the gigs to ensure they run smoothly.

UnScene Official Logo

BCTC: Tell us about the slogan, “It’s in your blood?”

P: We have adopted the slogan “It’s In Your Blood” to embody and communicate to people invested in the scene that their interest and passion automatically makes them a part of a larger community of people who come together to share these same interests. It emphasizes our support for the community and our desire to welcome anyone who is attracted to the dark side to get involved and enter a place where they fit in.

BCTC: Who does the UnScene want to reach?

P: We are looking for an audience that is engaged and interested in live Alternative and Metal band shows as well as attracting those unfamiliar with the scene, but share similar passions.

One of OUR biggest passions is exposing a younger generation to the live music scene with ’18 til I die’; our signature all-ages show, where we create a safe mini-festival environment with no alcohol served. These events have proved massively popular in the past and we hope to continue the growth of this section of the market.

The UnScene - 18 Til I Die

BCTC: Who can get involved and support The UnScene?

P: We are dedicated to improving the reach and scope of our events while creating a better market for our local metal scene. We have an incredible pool of talent in this country which, unfortunately, does not have a large audience. As a fan of The UnScene you can listen to the music, interact with the bands, come to the shows and play a role in exposing the incredible level of talent in this country.

Get involved…

The UnScene has a cool alternative music gig guide, so if you’re looking to find Cape Town’s alternative gigs make sure to check it out. Alternatively (no pun intended!), join the UnScene Facebook page so that you can keep in touch with any cool gigs they’re promoting. That way you can attend and support bands who make South Africa a diverse and awesome place to live. Without your support, our musicians will be UNSEEN!

The UnScene Website

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