Use This Music To Get You Through Monday

I’m a bit grouchy today. And I need to focus and defrost a little bit. It’s just one of those, “Put your head down and get your work done” days. If you’re feeling the same way, rely on these beats to get you through the day:

ANG’S South of the Boredom (105 mins):

Cape Town DJ and artist manager, ANG, has just begun sharing her musical knowledge through her brand new UK radio show on Reform Radio: South of the Boredom. Here’s edition 2, perfect for focussing and getting shizzle done this morning:

[mixcloud width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1 light=1]


The Mix Lounge featuring Hyphen (30 mins):

This is a local online ‘tv’ show that features South African DJs ‘performing’ in Dean’s lounge! Don’t feel obliged to watch, just click play and get back to work:

Boiler Room featuring White Nite (45 mins)

You can perk up a little bit with the The Boiler Room’s set featuring the White Nite. The Boiler Room is an online streaming project that showcases one artist at a time to an ‘invite only’ audience. This session features one of my favourite DJs in the Mother City, the White Nite, who knows how to keep things funky and fresh. I should be regaining my sense of humour around this time of day:

Boiler Room featuring JakobSnake (35 mins):

Set 2 from the Boiler Room and another of my favourite Cape Town DJs, JakobSnake. This will perk you up and get you through the later half of the afternoon:

Tha Cutt’s Mzanzi 3 (25 mins):

After you’ve perked up a little bit, give SA turntablist champion Tha Cutt’s Mzanzi hip hop mix a go.¬†Originally made circa 2011, it’ll keep your head bopping:
[mixcloud width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1 light=1]

Kanniballen’s Haezer + Guests Playlist (30 mins)

And then if you really need something harder to drive you through to the end of day bell, here’s a playlist by Kanniballen Records featuring Haezer:


These few hours should get you through the day. Good luck!

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