Oh My Days! 10 Things I’m Loving this August

Happy Spring everyone! This year has been nothing but a whirl wind and shows no signs of stopping. There are a few things that I’ve been using/enjoying along the way. Here are my top 10 favourites from August. Please let me know if you use them too and which ones you love by leaving a comment below 🙂

1) Whatsapp on Desktop

YOINK! Whatsapp on your computer! This is another gem Mr John told me about. Often I’ll Whatsapp him and he’ll miss the messages while doing his music. This way you can have Whatsapp in your browser and reply at your convenience. SO MUCH EASIER! So now I can work away at my computer without having to switch from computer to mobile phone, to keep comms going with my friends. Just go to https://web.whatsapp.com/, scan the QR code in Whatsapp (your app) and Bob’s your uncle! All instructions are on the site.

Whatsapp on Desktop

2) Drop Dead Diva – Netflix

Ok, so this show isn’t actually new, but it was new in my life and I LOVED it! It was, in fact, already aired on DSTV, but it was on Fox and I didn’t see any promos about it so I missed it. One day I felt like some really girly, comfort TV like and decided to give it a go. The lead actress acts SO FRIKKEN WELL that I just fell in love with the show! Basically, it’s about a super model who dies and comes back in a plump, smart, lawyer’s body – hilarious! Any time I was having a bit of a poopy day, I’d just put on Drop Dead Diva and felt so much better. These trailers look kinda old, but don’t worry, on Netflix it’s 100% fine.

3) Ecoffee Cup

Ok, so I don’t know how practical these ECoffee Cups are in as much as, I doubt if you go to McDonalds and ask them to make your tea in one that they will – health and safety and all that jazz. But I REALLY like the concept of this cup because I’m SHOCKED to think about 100 BILLION disposable cups floating around the planet every year! I don’t drink coffee so I’m not privy to the number of cups being used on the planet, but we all know coffee chains are massive and those cups are going somewhere! ECoffee sent me a cup to try out and I really enjoyed it as it’s made from bamboo, can be used a ton of times (years)!) and then eventually biodegrades. I used mine for rooibos and really enjoyed it because I recently bought a mug, but the porcelain gets so hot it burns my knuckles! Not so with the eCoffee Cup. The world really has to up their eco cup game, for reals so take a look. Could make a nice gift for a friend on the go, etc. They have a ton of different designs online.

ECoffee Cups


4) Technimatic – Better Perspective

WOW! I just bought my first ever drum n bass album! I LOVE this album by Technimatic, someone I know absolutely nothing about. And yes, I know I could have gotten the album for free from Mr John, BUT I actually believe in paying people for their work especially when it’s only R90 on iTunes! Do you KNOW how long it would have taken to make this album?! A lot longer than 90 bucks, I’ll tell you that much! My favourite tunes on the album are:

    1. Clockwise – WHAT A VOCAL! WHAT A TUNE!
    2. Parallel feat Zara Kershaw – Can you spell sing along?! I know, not very DnB!
    3. Hold on a While feat Jono McCleery – Again, AMAZING vocals!

If you’re curious about exploring more mature eletronic music (none of this will be played at Ultra South Africa this year) then give this album a go. Super amazing.

Technimatic - Better Perspective

5) Shelflife Joburg

I was considering having a Boring Cape Town Chick hoodie printed and asked some friends who knew about getting this type of thing done. Savanna, my friend who works at a customisable hoodie place, recommended the Slazenger hoodies, as did my friend at Shelflife. Mr John recently acquired a Shelflife hoodie, which I borrowed it one day and, basically, didn’t take it off for a week. YOH! It’s SUPER comfortable! And while Cape Town has been enjoying the spoils of Shelflife for years now, Johannesburg has now been blessed with the super sneaker store. Welcome to the fun Jozi 🙂 Check out the opening:

a Oh So Heavenly6) Oh So Heavenly – Kids Bubble Bath

Ok it’s totally ridiculous that this is even on my list considering I don’t have kids! But Mr John is obsessed with presents and new products so he helped himself to this bottle of Oh So Heavenly kids bubble bath, after I attended the blog meetup in April, hosted by Cindy (3 Kids, 2 Dogs, 1 House). I have to be honest and say this product really rocks, LOL! It’s bubble bath that smells like Fanta Grape (but doesn’t feel sticky) and changes colour when you put it in the bath. It pours yellow, turns green and ends up at blue. It’s so lame and ridiculous that I recommend it considering I don’t have kids, but big kids (men) like it too! It’s been a really harmless, touch of fun in our bathroom this month and we’ve both genuinely enjoyed it!

7) Steers Vegetarian Burgers

No, I haven’t gone mad. I know it’s SO unlike me to recommend a vegetarian burger, but my vegan friend introduced me to them and to be TOTALLY honest, I’ve been ordering them ever since. I find that some of the Steers restaurants make such terrible food read Engen Claremont at 2am (when SOME of us have been working – yes, we can taste you’ve burnt that burger to ash) that I’ve just been put off their beef burgers. But, we all still love Steers right? So I gave this burger a go and it was AMAZING! I do ask them to add extra mayo though, as it generally just has the relish and it’s divine. I never order beef anymore. Give it a go, I SWEAR you’ll be SUPER surprised as to how good they are. (This picture is literally from my lunch today. We have takeaway Fridays at work.)

Steers - Vegetarian Burger - Boring Cape Town Chick

8) Allan Gray – Great Service Award!

I know this is probably the most random thing on my list and no, they didn’t pay me to write about them! But I have a pension policy with Allan Gray and I needed my tax certificate for my tax return, which I wasn’t able to access via my online profile. So I e-mailed them yesterday and they sent it to me within the morning. It turns out, it wasn’t quite what I needed so I had to ring them to get my online access details. I was dreading it as 1) I don’t have my own office and prefer not to make calls at work, 2) we all know what a MISSION call centres can be. Well, the lady who answered couldn’t have been more professional, helpful and concise. She solved my problem AND updated my details; was SUPER professional, yet warm (like, take my money already would ya!) and I was off the phone within 3 minutes. THIS IS WHAT I WANT FROM THE WORLD!!! Get your pension there if you don’t have one already. SUPER jacked up. Well done Allan Gray!

Allan Gray

9) Joburg + Grietfest

Last weekend I went to the big smoke, which was more like the big dry! I lost my voice, ate awesome food, had a little party in Melville and an awesome time at Grietfest (which was super well organised). Considering Capetonians hate on Jozi SO hard all year around, I thought it was only fair to give them some props. I’d love to come up again, continue eating your RAD food and sharing ideas with your workaholic population. I’m not going to lie, you may VERY well be the ugliest place in the whole of South Africa, but you have a heart of gold. PS I have no idea who this redhead random is! I looked at him like, “Why are you in my pic”, he didn’t move so I figured, “Ah well, that’s JOLBURG for you!” Thanks for having us dust bowl 🙂

Boring Cape Town Chick at Grietfest 2016

10) I Play Pokemon Go EVERYDAY!

HAHA! This has brought me the MOST joy this month! WORD! So after making my YouTube video about playing Pokemon Go in Cape Town, Mr John found this video. I actually think Pewdiepie might have shared it first but we are OBSESSED with it now! “I play Pokemon go e-ve-ry-day, I play Pokemon go! When I wake up, I’m grabbing my phone…” HAHA! Oh my days I love it’s tune. So bad, so awesome! If you play Pokemon Go, play this when you’re feeling a bit “meh”, you will be happy in moments!

Please let me know if you’ve tried any of these and which your favourite are? I can’t be the only one on the planet who loves this song so much!!! Happy September and Spring! M x

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