How(ler) The Hell Do I Get Money on My Rocking the Daisies Ticket?

Hey Guys,

There’s only 2 more days until Rocking the Daisies and we all know what queues with 20 000 people look like! With no ATMS at the festival this year and with all the outlets going CASHLESS, we’ve been instructed to sign up for Howler so we can load money onto our tickets to use at the event. I’m not 100% how this would work, so I signed up to investigate. SPOILER ALERT! There are bank charges 🙁  None the less, here’s how I did it:

Step 1: Go to Howler


Step 2: Find the Rocking the Daisies Link

When you get to the home page you will see a Rocking the Daisies special. But I already had my ticket and didn’t want both a ticket and to load my cash. So clicked the LOADED button on the top right menu. Click GET LOADED once you’re there.


Step 3: Sign Up

I did it with Facebook.


Step 4, 5 & 6:  The Basics



Step 7: Howler Dashboard

Once you’re on the Howler dashboard and logged in, you can click the Get Loaded button to add monies to your account. There is a service fee for every R100, of R250. So R100 will cost you R102.50. R200 will cost you R205.00, etc.


Step 8, 9, 10: Hand over the monies



Voila! So I know I have money somewhere, fine. But what I didn’t know is how it would actually materialise. Like, I have an electronic ticket, which now apparently has money on it. Fine. But when I get to the door, how will the door lady with my armband make it have my monies on it? So I asked Howler and they said:

“Your money is all sorted! 🙂 When you arrive at the festival they will automagically find their way into your wristband 😉 “

So I guess I’ll just have to trust my 600 bucks will be there when I swipe for round 1! See you at the bar 😉