You MUST Catch Cirque Eloize ID This Weekend

Straight men = not the biggest fans of theatre. That’s what I’m really thinking! How I really wanted to start this blog post was, “ERMEGHERD! I totally watched this amazing SHOW! And you have to GO! And your hubby or boyfriend will LOVE it!” and then I thought, “Yeah, like people are going to believe that.” Often, theatres are filled up with women who have dragged their significant others to the show as they’re earning ‘brownie points’ by agreeing. If you can stop them snoring in their seats, you’ve done well. Cirque Eloize ID is NOTHING LIKE THAT. If boys were ever to make a show that they would enjoy – this would be IT! Here’s why…it includes the following male loving activities:







There are also 10 boys in the show and 4 girls. They rely a lot on breakbeat to ampt up the crowd and get their rhythm going. Songs similar to:

The theme is ‘street’ so expect breakbeats and hiphop, street fashion and art. Honestly, it’s a FANTASTIC SHOW! Also, it’s not SUPER long. I know that I can barely sit in a theatre after sitting at work for 9 hours. This show is the perfect amount of time, they cut to the chase and get on with it.


When I attended the cast came out after the show and we could all sneak a picture or two with them. Everyone was jumping in, it was fun 🙂

circ-eloise-id-3 circ-eloise-id-2 circ-eloise-id-1

Cirque Eloize ID Tickets in Cape Town

Get tickets because it finishes THIS WEEKEND! The Canadian cast was only in town for 10 days and the show ends this weekend. There are matinees for families who want to attend too. And it’s part of a Black Friday deal so DEFINITELY BOOK! Full prices are R425, Black Friday price is R213!!! You won’t regret it, I PROMISE!

cirqueeloize_id_trampoline cirqueeloize_id_trialbike




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