A Night with New York Pianist: Lenore Raphael at Casa Labia Summer Series

I enjoy the modern world. I enjoy digital marketing and selfies and social media and video technology and all the fun that comes along with it. But there’s no denying that the dangers of the new world can be perilous. From Twitter, revenge porn, trolls to hacked image accounts, the list goes on on how human nature rears its ugly head in the modern world.

But we’re also living in a time where SO MUCH good can come from the modern world. As ‘disconnected’ as people appear, the thirst for knowledge from others and to stay in touch, is at an all time high. And sometimes, just sometimes, something wonderful comes out of that.

A few months ago I received an e-mail from a lady called Lenore Raphael. I had never heard of her before, yet she had reached out to enquire about Cape Town. Perhaps I could suggest a few places to stay or restaurants to visit? Lenore explained that she was a jazz pianist who would be visiting South Africa.

My brother is a jazz saxophonist, but he’s genuinely a really busy guy. And we’ve all had family members who sign us up for things that we don’t actually have time for or don’t want to be signed up for. So before I connected Lenore and my brother, I took a little stroll via YouTube to listen to Lenore. Luckily for me, she is an exquisite pianist and I had no problem connecting the two.

Fast forward a month or so later, Lenore became the featured artist at my brother’s summer series at Casa Labia. I have mentioned the jazz evenings at Casa Labia before; it really is a beautiful building and a fun way to spend an evening taking in some culture.


My brother introduced the audience to Lenore as well as the accompanying musicians, Wesley Rustin on double bass and Kevin Gibson on drums.


On this occasion, it was a wonderful privilege to connect such a well respected and talented artist like Lenore, with my brother and other Cape Town musicians, to share in the joy and beauty of jazz. We sat sipping on wine, taking in the music with guests who were loving each song. As someone who studied piano, it was such a pleasure listening to the ease and surety with which Lenore plays.

lenore-raphael-casa-labia-boring-cape-town-chick-20 lenore-raphael-casa-labia-boring-cape-town-chick-22lenore-raphael-casa-labia-boring-cape-town-chick-39 lenore-raphael-casa-labia-boring-cape-town-chick-36lenore-raphael-casa-labia-boring-cape-town-chick-26 lenore-raphael-casa-labia-boring-cape-town-chick-25

I was lucky enough to have dinner with bother herself and her husband, around a beautiful table at Casa Labia. The food was really good on the evening and the company even better.

lenore-raphael-casa-labia-boring-cape-town-chick-15 lenore-raphael-casa-labia-boring-cape-town-chick-17 lenore-raphael-casa-labia-boring-cape-town-chick-18

My brother was even able to jump in for a tune, here they are playing Georgia on my Mind, live at the Casa Labia:

lenore-raphael-casa-labia-boring-cape-town-chick-3 lenore-raphael-casa-labia-boring-cape-town-chick-4 lenore-raphael-casa-labia-boring-cape-town-chick-10lenore-raphael-casa-labia-boring-cape-town-chick-9 lenore-raphael-casa-labia-boring-cape-town-chick-14lenore-raphael-casa-labia-boring-cape-town-chick-12

At the end of the evening Lenore Raphael received a standing ovation from our audience, which I was really pleased about.


Thank to Lenore for a wonderful evening, for meeting my folks and for sharing her beautiful music with the Cape Town audience. It was both a pleasure and an honour 🙂

lenore-raphael-casa-labia-boring-cape-town-chick-44 lenore-raphael-casa-labia-boring-cape-town-chick-45


Join the Espen Eriksen Trio, all the way from Norway, at the Casa Labia Summer Jazz Concert Series on the 4th of December, 2016! Bookings by e-mail via events@casalabia.co.za Get the latest updates by clicking ATTENDING on the Facebook event.


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