Cape Town Content Creators’ End of Year Drinks #CTCCX2016

Unless you’ve actually tried blogging/vlogging yourself, you will never truly know how much effort it takes. What starts off as a humble hobby soon turns into a monster. A monster that eats time and resources for breakfast, lunch and supper!  From image taking, editing, resizing, branding, collage creating, labeling, uploading, content planning, writing, visiting to actually do the experience, the petrol, the outfits (because everywhere you go, you’re representing your brand), the video shooting, editing, music searching, static still creation, website maintenance, post formatting, keyword digging, SEO, meta titles…the list REALLY goes on!

Content creation is a beast and 99% of the time it’s unpaid work. Which isn’t anyone’s problem other than the blogger’s, really. But it’s still hard work. So what keeps bloggers blogging? YouTubers YouTubing? Instagrammers Instagramming? Passion 🙂 Digital creators love to build, create, share and improve! Whether it’s learning to use digital formats, improving their photography or writing, a passion for the PROCESS is what keeps us going.

So, with this in mind, I’ve decided to take on the task of creating an End of Year Drinks Party for all Cape Town creatives! Why? Because there’s no staff party or 13th cheque for content creating! And also because I may be, possibly, mad. But I thought it would be a really great if we, content creators, gathered to cheers to ourselves, to all our hard work and to all our personal achievements throughout 2016!




OneUp – Cape Town’s newest balcony garden overlooking Long street, Table Mountain and Signal Hill.


CONTENT CREATORS – This is an event for content creators by content creators. Whether you blog, vlog, vine or Instagram, you’re welcome. Please also invite every Cape Town content creator you know so that EVERYONE can be included. RSVP VITAL so that I know who is attending.

PARTNERS – are welcome! So often we spend our evenings away from our loved ones, not the case here. If you have a hubby, wife, best friend who supports you then PLEASE invite them.

NO UNDER 18’S. – Sorry guys, but One Up is a bar so it wouldn’t be appropriate for children/underage bloggers to attend. 18 and above only please.

BUT RSVP is VITAL please! I can’t include you if I don’t know you’re coming!


  • Cash bar – available for us to buy drinks at our own accord.
  • Cooldrinks – will be available for those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Separate male/female bathrooms – to those sensitive to privacy.
  • Great mobile reception – for your tweets/Instagram to reach the world.
  • Friendly staff, professional security (not that we’re that rowdy, are we?!).


At the start of this project, I had NO sponsors! But we are slowly chatting to some brands who want to ensure our party is successful. Thank you to the following brands who said they will provide a snack, sip or gift for us. 

one-upOne Up

Cape Town’s latest sky high bar in the Heart of Long street, boasts beautiful views of the iconic road as well as Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and Signal Hill. While not officially open yet, One Up has provided their nature inspired balcony for the content creator’s of Cape Town to relax, enjoy and cheers to all their hard work.



Considering I’ve been a customer for 20 years, I’m thrilled to share that Butlers Pizza will be providing us with snacks on the night. Please note: SNACKS! It’s probably best to have something before you arrive because if I find people running off with whole pizzas, I will have you hurt you 😉 #IDontBlameYou



Darling Brewery

One of the original craft beer creators in the Western Cape, Darling Brew have come on board to make sure everyone goes home with a bottle of craft beer to keep the good blogging vibes rolling!


the-entertainerThe Entertainer Africa

The Brand new Cape Town Entertainer App, will be launching this December, but they’ve kindly offered 10 apps, which will go into the lucky draw. Enjoy the best buy one get one free offers within the Mother City with the Entertainer.


sugar-and-viceSugar and Vice

Natalie is the founder and designer of Sugar and Vice, a Cape Town based design studio that creates tattoo inspired homeware & gifts. Original artworks made from proudly South African material and manufactured locally means you can have a really cool home decor and support local industry.


untitled-design-3Eatery Woodfired Grill

The delicious Eatery Woodfired Grill has come on board to spoil us with some of their delicious finger food. Think Bobotie Spring Rolls, Chilli Poppers, Steak Strips with Chimichurri sauce and BBQ chicken strips – am I in heaven?! Our drinks will never taste better 😉

sponsorsWheyo Protein Ice-Cream

Wheyo Protein Ice-Cream is a deliciously creamy, guilt-free treat packed with a protein punch! (All I can hear is that I can have ice cream for breakfast at long last! #ProteinPower). The young start up has come on board to spoil us with some vanilla and chocolate ice cream on the night, can’t wait!


Mokai is a new alco-pop that recently launched in South Africa. And I think it’s frikken tasty! They have a new flavour for summer and have come on board to offer us a free arrival toot on the night. Yum!



Catrice is a makeup brand from Cosmetix that I recently started to use at home. I really like their bronzer as well as vintage green nail polish so I thought I’d let them know that we’d be having a party. Of course they were keen to be on board and sent THE most AWESOME Catrice nail Lacquer for 50 lucky girls! Thank you Catrice!


UPDATE: T’s & C’s: I have been sent a mix match of items. I hope everyone will leave with something, but it will be based on a lucky draw. Please remember that this event is FREE and all gifting has been done so from the generosity of PRs. If you have any contacts for sponsors who would like to spoil us on the night, please do let me know! Alternatively, e-mail me on if you’d like to sponsor a takeaway for our bloggers.


  1. RSVP please! We need to know how many people will be attending!
  2. Tweet the hell out of the party! Let’s give the brands some love who are spoiling us, it’s only fair 🙂 (Unless you’d like to pay for tickets? Naaaaahhh 😉
  3. Thanks to One Up, I’d like you to please Tweet/Instagram/Facebook status from the rooftop just so that we can give thanks to them for having us for free. The venue isn’t even open until AFTER our party! #HowCoolAreWe?
  4. Hashtags will be provided on the night 😉
  5. Great attitude! I’m just 1 person trying to organise something fun for all of us, please keep that in mind.


Please RSVP on the Cape Town Content Creator’s Facebook event here so that we can add you to the guest list. 

If you have any further questions, please e-mail and I will assist ASAP!

Thanks and I’m looking forward to seeing you on the night! Meg 🙂

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