Cape Town Launches Its Own Gin Route

Everyone knows that craft gin is all the rage at the moment and, I’ll be honest, I’m not sick of it yet! I didn’t (and still don’t) enjoy “London dry”, but absolutely LOVE local South African gin. Wilderer, Inveroche, Musgrave and Cape Town Rooibos Red Gin being my favourite.

Introducing…the Cape Town Gin Route

Last Saturday, my friend, Suraya and I were invited to the launch of the brand new Cape Town Gin Route. Created by the Pepperclub Hotel & Spa, we were blown away by the incredible views from their 20th storey penthouse where the launch was held.

Taking in breathtaking views across the city and a tasty gin in hand, we learnt about the hotel’s concept to connect the 6 respected distilleries in order to showcase the brands to locals and visitors alike.

The six inner-city distilleries, namely Hope on Hopkins, Musgrave Gin, the Woodstock Gin Company, New Harbour Distillery, Pienaar & Son and the Cape Town Gin Company offer over 20 exceptional gins. Available for tasting and purchase, within six kilometers, the Cape Town Gin Route creates yet another reason for food and drink connoisseurs to visit the city.

Cape Town Gin Route Map

Coming Soon To the Cape Town Gin Route

In upcoming weeks the Cape Town Gin Tour will launch a guided full-day tour of all the distilleries, which will include a tasting experience of each gin. Creating your own gin will also be on the cards along with other activities.

Follow along on Facebook for updates as they are announced or visit the Cape Town Gin Route to find out more about each distillery and what they have on offer.


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