Raising My Mood with Hartenberg’s Picnic Hamper

I was in SUCH a bad mood the day I went to Hartenberg for a picnic, YOH! You don’t even know. I was still sick from my Franschhoek trip and I was just feeling totally over it. “It” meaning life. But I had made the commitment to visit Hartenberg, and when I say commitment, I mean I’d taken the day off work and wanted to make the most of it. Well, the Hartenberg picnic was one of the best picnics I’ve ever had in Cape Town and I am SO sad I was sick and grumpy when I arrived!

Hartenberg is a rustic wine farm in Stellenbosch. It’s a proper working farm with tractors rolling by and earthy surroundings.

Pictures by Team Team Photography.


We were greeted by the kind staff of Hartenberg and directed to the picnic area. A classic, yet charming table had been setup for us on a little bank. While there were other guests on the farm, we had more than enough space to enjoy the picnic without feeling crowded. (Read: and allow me to sit and stew in a bad mood!)

The Hartenberg picnics are served on tables, but blankets and pillow rests are also provided so if you’re feeling a little snoozy after your wine and foodies, you can rest under the shade of the willow trees and listen to the breeze and the birds.


Me in a Bad Mood

Hartenberg Picnic Baskets – What’s Inside?

I LOVED the picnic basket. It’s definitely one of the best food baskets I’ve had – and that’s really saying something considering I was grumpy and fluey. The food in the Hartenberg basket was just yum, yum, yum and DEFINITELY perked me up! I loved the combination of sandwiches, baked goods and salads. It’s so nice to have something fresh and light like the glass noodle salad. And they were ALL DELICIOUS! I must say, I was very impressed.


I loved the quiches, baked fresh on the farm, blue cheese and fig (I don’t even eat stinky cheese!) and bacon, caramelized onion and feta. The sandwiches were roast beef and caramelised onion or chicken mayo. My only criticism is that I didn’t need onions twice. The glass noodle salad was fantastic, as I mentioned and the quinoa was good too! But I preferred the glass noodle.


For dessert were two sweet jars. One was a deconstructed cheese cake, but the absolute WINNER was the chocolate and peanut butter jar. WOW! Gooey, rich, chocolatey, peanut buttery with crumb, it was deep and indulgent! You have to share this because it is a monster of a dessert!

Our meal was accompanied by the most delicious (and award winning) wines including a chardonnay (LOVE) and Elenor wine. We had the most wonderful hostess (I’m SO SORRY I’ve forgotten her name, please let me know and I will add it here!) who I asked a number of personal questions as she had a strong South African accent and I was interested in her story. She started as a grape picker and worked her way up to be a wine hostess today. Her story was so inspiring and it was wonderful to talk about what drove her, why she wanted to be different? How hard was it to make the break and get promoted? It seems Hartenberg could see her talents and supported her along her way. It was a really heartwarming story; I felt so proud of her even though I don’t know her! I just really believe in good, hardworking women getting what they deserve when they’ve shown their passion and commitment.


After lunch I took a seat and tested out the pillow rests. They were most satisfactory!

I believe the wine is also included in the basket, which is fantastic. Many other places require wine to be purchased on top of the picnic basket. Currently it costs R200 per person, which is very respectable considering what you get in your basket. In fact, I thought it was R500 so I will check this and confirm. I loved the Hartenberg food and wine and I would definitely recommend visiting with friends and family. I hope to return soon myself!

If you decide to book, please let me know that Boring Cape Town Chick sent you so that you get the royal treatment too 🙂



  • Teresa Kruger says:

    Hiw much is picnic for 3 for 4 Jan

  • jade abbott says:

    I’ll definitely want to try this 🙂

      • mechele classon says:

        Hi there … I have been going to Hartenberg for the past 15 years.. food has always been good.. baskets always included half a bottle of wine and prices were always the cheapest around … now they are expensive and offer less… the pictures you have above with quiches and roast beef sandwiches is no longer available on the menu.. neither is the jar of salads… neither is the cheese cake dessert… in fact … there is almost nothing in the basket including the wine that used to be on the menu… so i would advise anyone reading your blog to go and check for themselves…

        • Hi Mechele,
          Thanks so much for the update.
          Hartenberg have invited me back to experience their new offering.
          Considering this post was published exactly 2 years ago, by the sound of things an update is most due.
          Thanks for letting us know 🙂

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