My Top 6 Moments from Up the Creek 2017

Happy February everyone! And just like that January disappears, only for us to wake up in 6 months and say, “What ever happened to January?! Time flies by too quickly!” But I’m pleased to say that it ended on a great note with Mr John & I heading to Sedgwicks Old Brown 2017. A first for him and a first time in 13 years for me.

Sedgwicks Old Brown kindly invited us to join their team at the music festival and considering it was the first music festival I ever went to (you can read all about my first Up the Creek 2002 here), I was pleased to return. We had SUCH an awesome time so I thought I’d share my, in no particular order…

(Or watch…)

My Top 6 Moments from Up the Creek 2017

Unfortunately, it was raining like cats and dogs the day we left, but we made our way to the event in relative light. Sedgwicks spoilt us by providing accommodation at the Heartbreak Motel. From the moment we parked we had porters offering to carry our suitcase and cooler box over the mud. From that moment on I knew it would be an amazing weekend.


1. Staying in the Heartbreak Motel

I’ve never stayed at the Heartbreak Hotel and I can tell you now that I will never go back to regular camping again! It was SUCH a joy to have our own metal beds, powerpoints, light, seats, bar, SWIMMING POOL AND security. The Heartbreak Motel also has their own loos and their own showers. It’s the closest place to camp to the dancefloor, being just about 100 meters away (music doesn’t go all night). They offer a fry up and cereals in the morning as well as seating. Trust me, ditch that old tent and blow up mattress, THIS is the way to do it!


2. Watching Gerald Clark at Up the Creek

My brother, saxophonist Dan Shout was playing with Gerald Clark on the Friday night. I through at 11pm, but we decided to make our way down at 9pm just to check it out and there he was! I got my times confused! Luckily we managed to catch the second half of their set as people danced away without a worry. I was also able to interview them after their show, which was fun (check the video coming soon!).


3. Enjoying Sedgwicks Cocktail Hour

While we may all know Sedgwicks as a winter warmer, it’s also great for cocktails! I never knew this, but it was proven to me on Saturday afternoon at their cocktail bar. We were given the opportunity to create cocktails our selves and they were genuinely delicious! Even my competition winner managed was invited to join us and make his own. Go Mr Phipps!


4. Jamming to the The Sedgwicks Breede River Stage

I LOVE swimming in freshwater rivers and lakes, not so much swimming pools and the ocean, but because I grew up along the Orange River, I love having a river dip. Mr John and I made our way down to the river, but what we didn’t know was that there was a river stage! This is hands down one of the best stages I’ve ever seen at an SA Music Festival. Sponsored by Sedgwicks, the stage is RIGHT on the river! And the audience watches from their lilos! Not just a swim, but an afternoon of entertainment as well. Awesome!


5. Navigating Comfortable Crowds

Not gonna lie, now that I’m in my 30’s it’s damn fine having a manageable audience size at a festival. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on any other festival as they all have their place. But it was a pleasure being able to access food and drinks without too much of a mission. Up the Creek limits their tickets to 5000 people, which means it’s never too much of a hastle to see your favourite band, grab a bite to eat or get a drink. These things make me happy!


6. Partying to Great Music!

As an electronic music lover, I was sorry that there wasn’t any, BUT I also understand context and Up the Creek isn’t about raving all night. It’s about having a mellow, yet great time. And I did sincerely enjoy the music throughout the weekend. I always enjoy Grassy Spark, who rocked the crowd, as well as hearing other bands I’d never heard before. There’s music sprinkled all over the festival so expect sounds and songs to pop up as you make your way through the festival.


In Closing…

We honestly had the best time at Up the Creek. It’s totally worth the R1000 ticket and if you’re keen to go to a music festival, but not be overwhelmed by tens of thousands of people or music all night, then this is the music festival for YOU! Thank you to Sedgwicks for having us!

**I was not paid to create this blog post, but did stay for the weekend courtesy of Sedgwicks.




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