Junk Food of Amsterdam

If you’ve gathered anything about me, you’ll know I love music, travelling and FOOD! Junk food included. In fact, I’m quite a junk food monster. As I said to my colleague last week, when he offered me the last chocolate cupcake, “I spend more time in my jeans than my bikini.”

So whenever I go overseas I always love to have some junk food wherever I go. I visit the Burger Kings, McDonalds and supermarkets to buy some weird sweets and things. So today I thought I’d share 5 junk food sessions I had in Amsterdam. Here’s Mr John & I arriving and FREEZING! My jeans were cotton & I was FROZEN!

McDonalds Stroopwaffel McFlurry

I don’t know if you’ve had a stoopwafel before, but I have a love/hate relationship with them. I hate the ones that taste like they have Chinese 5 spice in them, but like syrupy ones. Mr John is a total stroopwafel monster, he’ll take anyone. So when we found a stroopwafel McFlurry in McDonalds WE HAD to give them a go! PS If you don’t know them, you can get stroopwafels at Woolies.

Febo Amsterdam – Croquettes

What the actual hell?! LOL! This whole place is like a giant walk in vending machine! You walk into Febo, pick what you want, put your coins in and PING! But they actually have people ‘backstage’ cooking the food, it’s not made my robots! Being in Amsterdam, I had a pork croquette, something warm and gooey on a cold spring day. The crunch on this Febo Croquette was awesome! (There’s me trying to decide, haha)


Manneken Pis – Slapchips

Ok so this is a world famous ‘best fries in the world’ type place. WRONG! These fries were TOO average and NOTHING on Steers! The portions were HUGE and they looked amazing, but when you fit into them there was hardly any potato flesh on the inside! World famous, maybe, tasty? Nah. I left mine on a power box for a poor person. Then I only realised there were no poor people in Holland so I hope a drunk party animal found them.


Klopper & Stalk – Sausage Rolls

I found this spot on our way into town. I was hungry and thought I’d just pop in for a tasty snack. Well it was the BEST veal sausage roll I’d ever had! YOH! The sausage rolls in Holland are so good! And I didn’t even dislike the ones we get from Pick n Pay! I looked Klopper & Stalk Bakery up and there are 2 stores, this was the one in Kinkerstraat. They bake their food fresh daily and all I was can say is it was damn tasty! And only about 2 Euros!


Dominoes – Redlight District

It wouldn’t be Amsterdam if you didn’t go into the Red Light District and join all the British drunkards with a slice of pizze and Strongbow cider! There’s nothing like eating something familiar while gazing out onto a sex shop.


McCroquettes at McDonalds

Ok, so the Dutch are so crazy about croquettes that they even have a MCCROQUETTE! YES a McDonald’s burger that doesn’t have a burger in the middle, but rather a croquette! I had to try one. It was sorta disgusting. Not for ANY bad reason, just because the texture creeped me out a bit. I think it would make amazing drunk food though!


They also had WAGU burgers on their menu! These were good. And they coupled them with ‘boere fries’, which are farm fresh potato fries. They were really good!


And last, but not least, I jumped on the Starbucks train. This isn’t so important any more as we have Starbucks in Joburg now, but it was so cold I was forced to a hot beverage! I don’t drink tea or coffee, but it was so cold I had a caramel hot chocolate and HOLY HOT DRINKS! They do not lie about Starbucks being tasty. WOW!

Have you tried any of these things? If so, please let me know in the comment section below!




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