[WATCH] I’m in Mauritius! Visiting the LUX Grand Gaube

Hello from Mauritius! I can barely believe I’m typing to you from my amazing hotel room at the beautiful Lux Grand Gaube. Why can’t I believe it? Well, where to start…

[Pictures by Team Team Photography. Please do not use without permission.]

Beating Cyclone Berguitta

I’m so lucky to have been offered this collaboration with Lux Hotels in the first place. THANK YOU!

  1. A cyclone hit the island on the day I was meant to arrive and ALL the flights were delayed due to the airport closing. So I was wondering whether I’d even get here!
  2. Mr John was also welcome to join me so we just bought him a plane ticket and now we’re both in paradise!
  3. My day job was gracious enough to shift my leave without any hassle – if you have a day job then you know that I got lucky.
  4. The Lux Grand Gaube has wifi that says it will reach your room – and it actually does! Whoohoo for late night blog posts!

But seriously. That cyclone caused some air traffic mayhem! I was completely stressing about finding replacement cheap domestic flights in case my ticket to Joburg wouldn’t be replaced – never mind actually getting to Mauritius! In the end, everything was worked out and I’m here! (When in doubt, hit Travelstart for alternative flight information!)

Welcome To Lux Grand Gaube

I am so pleased to be here as a guest of the beautiful Lux Grand Gaube in Mauritius. The hotel has barely been open for a month after being refurbished with the help of Dragon’s Den star and entrepreneur, Kelly Hoppen. As soon as they opened their doors, they had to deal with Berguitta the cyclone! Hard to believe something so destructive threatened a place so beautiful…


Day One at the LUX Grand Gaube in Mauritius

The service at the LUX Grand Gaube has been amazing so far. We are truly in paradise and I can’t wait to explore even more! Take a peek. Here’s what we got up to on a first day at the Grand Lux Gaube in Mauritius…

*This post was written from my hotel room, but posted after our return to South Africa.

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