Typo, Cavendish Square.

I’ve always got my eyes peeled for something unique and different. I personally hate malls and hate shopping. I don’t consider wondering around a retail outlet for hours on end as something constructive. I get my list, I go in, get my stuff and get out. So I do appreciate when I see a store that’s trying to do things differently. Enter TYPO!

Typo is based on the 1st floor at Cavendish Square, along the bridge that takes you into the “link” or Cavendish Connect as it’s known now. It’s filled with gadgets, bags, artwork and cute decorations. I think it makes the perfect home store if you’re into design and want to put a little effort into the fun side of your home. It’s also a great store for birthday or Xmas presents.

Check it out in Cavendish, you’ll definitely leave smiling 🙂



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