3 Technologies Netflix Uses to Dominate

While chilling in Mauritius last week, I was given a sim card with unlimited data. Cue – HEAVEN! I had a TV in both my hotel room, but ended up just watching on my mobile. This included Netflix – which I was actually afraid wouldn’t work due to my new location. But, it did! And I was happy as Larry.

It did get me thinking though, even with traditional satellite TV available, why did I opt to watch YouTube and Netflix? Apart from the fact a lot of the content repurposed on social media #ShoutOutGaryV, Netflix just continues to produce the best content. (I was watching Reece Witherspoon’s new show.)

Even though I have considered getting Showmax for #LoveIsland and Apple TV for Oprah’s bookclub, I’m still firmly hooked to YouTube and Netflix. So what has Netflix done to have such a strong market share? With Apple TV and Disney are still trying to give Netflix a run for their money, the premium streaming service has stayed on top of the game for years. How?

By using modern technologies to succeed globally. These technologies include:

Tweaking Data Algorithms

We’re all familiar with big data now but what does this mean for business? Netflix has invested over a billion dollars in developmental and technological initiatives for the last five years, expanding rapidly during this time. The company is now tweaking data algorithms to find the perfect content for movies and TV shows, just like popular dating apps and websites.

Big data and Algorithms have been mother’s milk to Netflix, helping them to get more people to watch more programs. That largely depends on serving the right movies and shows to each of their 90+ million subscribers. Otherwise, their customers will quickly look for an activity to occupy their time, threatening their multi-billion-dollar business.

Netflix uses every data at its disposal, including the shows people watch, the time they watch them, how much they watch, and the device they use. Their data algorithms view this data and help them to create content that their viewers desire to get.

Mobile-Friendly Initiatives

Like most leading tech companies, Netflix continually upgrades its app to make it more mobile-friendly. For example, Uber consistently forces users to update their app (which is annoying when you’re not on wifi) or Betway, a major casino operator and sports book that gives users the chance to wager on thousands of pre-match and in-play markets.

They have a reliable app that’s user-friendly and compact, allowing you to bet while on the go without overworking your phone. Similarly, Netflix has managed to reduce the size of their apps over the years, also requiring it to use less constant internet connection.

The company is also trying to present viewing choices more compellingly on mobile devices. Additionally, Netflix plans to enter into arrangements with data providers in countries where there’s heavy mobile usage of their streaming services to exempt their users from data charges.


Last year, Netflix spent millions of dollars on automation technology, as it’s playing a significant role in their creative marketing process. With a robust technology budget, this leading company is relying on automation to index characters and scenes to enable trailer creators to focus on the most attractive side of the entire process.

Besides creating trailers, Netflix has an open-source automation platform called the FIDO (Fully Integrated Defense Operation). The automation system reduces manual effort to ensure that it is easier to evaluate and respond to malware. That helps to safeguard their customers’ information against malicious individuals who are always looking for new ways to steal information and unleash all kinds of security havoc.


As Netflix grows and expands into new markets, it will continue leveraging technological innovations to ensure they are everywhere their consumers want to watch the content. These technologies are also helping them (and others like Uber and Betway) to get the entire content for different viewers, keeping the number of subscribers growing.

New post on what to watch coming soon!


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