Exploring Feastival at the Palms Centre, Woodstock

FEASTIVAL! I have done it! Where you there?

The concept caught my eye this time last year, but I’d just come back from honeymoon and just couldn’t seem to get tickets in time in between all the blog events and family vibes going down. So I was really chuffed when I managed to secure a ticket for the first edition of 2017.

What is Feastival?

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like: food, music, feasting, festival = feastival. Held at the Woodstock Palms on main road Woodstock, I arrived to find a rather large queue at 8pm. The staff were very prepared though so it only took us about 10 minutes to get inside. They had also recommended that we print our tickets before hand, which I believe contributed to the swift entry of attendees.

The main foyer, if you like, acts at the outside social/smoking/snacks arena. Canvas tents had been erected in case the rain arrived, gas lamps in place to keep the area generally warm. My FAVOURITE baguette stand was one of the first stalls I saw so I knew I was in good hands.

Feastival at the Palms Centre

The last time I went to the Palms Center was about 4 years ago and it didn’t look as gorgeous as this! The festival crew really put a lot of effort in the layout and aesthetics of the night. Tell me this doesn’t look amazing? Warm, modern, fun, love it!

Food stalls and bars lined both sides of the mall, with the music “centre” being at the top end of the venue.

The very first bar on the left, as we walked in, was a gin bar. Again, HAPPY! A gin cocktail was R60 and had 1.5 shots in it. I wasn’t too unhappy with that price and the mix was very nice. The barman was also quick, professional and friendly – a nice change! Being more friendly would go along way in Cape Town.

All in all I saw about 5 bars; the gin bar, the main bar, a shots bar, a tequila bar and a second bar room, just off the market area. This bar served wine and provided seating for those looking to relax away from the main space.


What’s for Supper at Feastival?

Feastival had LOTS of food stalls. I probably saw 10; just off the top of my head: pizza, hot dogs, deep fried chicken, vegan and vegetarian options, deep fried balls, wraps, schwarmas, Thai…the list goes on.

All the food stalls were reasonably priced, which allowed you to try a few things and not be stuck with one main meal – too many festivals get this wrong. It’s not really a festival if you can only buy 1 main, then it’s just a market. Feastival had a lot of inexpensive options with some being priced from just R20.


Fashion Market

On top of the music and the food, there was also a little clothing market! Setup on the right of the main hall (and on the way to the wine bar) was a clothing and accessories market as well as pop up cinema. People could chillax and take in some media or do a little shopping – I wasn’t expecting that.

Music to the Rescue

I must be honest and say that I find the Cape Town audience quite weird. I was fascinated observing all the people who attended because it was like “She’s All That”, “Clueless” or some other American teen movie. There were the rugby jocks, the skater boys, the hipster dudes, the young 40 year old massiv and the normal working guys. There was also the drunk Tableview crew, the “we carry our own bottles of wine” student girls and the Coachella girls – women dressed TO THE NINES! I’m like, “When did Moscow rock up!?”

And SO MANY DUDES! I’m quite tall and I definitely felt like it was quite a bro fest. And SUPER WHITE! Wow! So many white people! I don’t quite know what to make of it… is this the new Woodstock audience? Is this current young Cape Town? I’ve been working in Tokai so I’m CLEARLY out of the loop!

But, whenever I’m feeling a bit weird I just rely on the music and I have to say that Grassy Spark came in and turned Feastival into a party. They’ve become so polished and professional, they were a pleasure to listen to. The girls in the front were having a blast and it felt way more normal and fun to me. The sound was good too, a really nice vibe.

Pros and Cons of Feastival

Pros of Feastival

  • Awesome concept.
  • LOTS of food.
  • Great variety for all foodie types.
  • Awesome location.
  • Well laid out.
  • Cards & cash accepted.
  • Early Bird tickets are R100, a fair price to pay.
  • Easily accessed (Uber in & Uber out, no problem).
  • Pleasant security & cleaning staff.

Cons of Feastival

  • Not very diverse.
  • Bars a bit pricey: 2 x gins + 2 x tequilas = R200 (3 rounds is R600!).
  • Some people were smashed by 9pm which I thought was a bit lame.
  • Food stalls need light (I think the blue lights didn’t entice consumers enough).

In Closing…

Unfortunately, and I know this makes NO sense, but we didn’t end up buying any food! Even though it was really well priced! We left around 10pm and went to Surfa Rosa, but popped into the Engen for some food around 11:30pm. I saw a lot of Feastival people there as well, so I think improving the light on the food stall may help. If the mind isnt’ engaged with the food, neither is the tummy or wallet!

Not too sure why that happened, but definitely make an effort to try to the food, it’s kinda the point of the event! So go early-ish (8pm) so you can see the food nicely and pick the best of the options to your taste.

I think Feastival is probably enjoyed more in a bigger group. Beckle and I were together and there was lots of space and plenty of seating, but we just kinda watched the world go on around us. I think going in a bigger crowd and bringing your own party would make for a better time.

Thank you to Feastival for having me, it’s an awesome concept and I hope it continues to prosper. I’d happy return another time, now that I know what to expect and make more of it. Join the Feastival Facebook Page for more updates (I believe they happen every 2 months?).

If you attended the event, please let me know what you think in the comment section below. I’d genuinely love to hear your thoughts and what you thought did/didn’t work. Did you love Grassy Spark too?




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  1. says: Benike Palfi

    Nice write-up! I attended one of the very first Feastivals and it looks like it has grown immensely, which is so cool.

    But I also agree that it would be more fun to go in a big group and make a party out of it. I went with one friend and we kinda hopped around from spot to spot and couldn’t find a ‘home’.

    Next content creators party?