EatOut Meet Out at Shimmy Beach Club

Hi friends! Happy July! Can you believe half the year has OFFICIALLY gone?! Time is flying back and it’s MENTAL! But I wanted to be good and try keep up my Monday event posts, so here’s a fun one that you could attend (hopefully) in the future.

EatOut Meet Out at Shimmy Beach Club

Beckle and I headed to Shimmy Beach Club last week for EatOut’s Meet Out: Chilli edition. The well known food brand is extending their event portfolio to include meet ups and eat out, enter the EatOut Meet Out. I’m not the usual Shimmy customer, but EatOut has been killing the Facebook content game of late so I was keen to see how their events faired. I’ve been sick with flu for the past 2 weeks straight so I was WELL under dressed for the glamorous venue, but we were still warmly welcomed with a glass of gluwein.

Wine By Bloemendal

I wasn’t too sure of the seating format so we grabbed a table, sipped our gluwein and enjoyed the Mexican jazz band floating around the venue. Bloemendal had a wine table and were offering wine tastings. I’d not had their wine before so I tried the sauvignon blanc, the rose and the shiraz. Was actually good wine. I’ll need to have it again to reinforce the flavour memory in my mind a bit closer.


Canape Course

We were spoilt with some canapes that made the rounds before the fuller courses arrived. This included chilli bites, sushi (I skipped but Beckle indulged) and a haloumi crisp (I think!).

EatOut Meet Out Chilli Menu

A representative from EatOut welcomed us to the venue and introduced us to the Shimmy Chef who explained the next few courses to us. With the theme being ‘chilli’, each course included a touch of chilli. It wasn’t over done at all and some courses had no chilli in it. Everything was really nicely made and freshly cooked, which was great. The courses included a soup, mini corn dog, taco and chicken kebab and a pork dish. The deep fried pork was DIVINE! Loved it! The taco was tasty too. The corn dog was cooked nicely, but wasn’t anything special.

At this time it was already 9:30pm (we’d been there for 2.5 hours) so we decided not to wait for dessert. It was getting late so we left before it arrived. Pity as I think they would probably have been quite good – especially because they included salted caramel and a panna cotta – two of my favourites!

The last time I was here was for the Roger Sanchez gig a few years back. Even though it is midwinter, the Shimmy swimming pool still looked amazing! And I know what an incredible view across the sea they have. Next time I’ll have to get nicely dressed up and pop in for lunch, the food was enjoyable and the venue location is alluring.

Some of the courses are also paired with so we enjoyed some bubbly with our soup course while others enjoyed a beer with theirs.

Attending a EatOut Meet Out

Tickets are available for about R350 which is a little bit steep BUT, you do get a welcome drink, a paired drink and a free wine tasting, which would cost you R100 anyway. So consider it as 12 courses for R250, which isn’t bad. I think this could be quite a fun event for a group of friends, everyone buys their tickets up front, attends and enjoys the evening.

If you’d like to attend a EatOut Meet Out, join the EatOut Facebook Page and keep an eye on their events tab.




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