July Glass Recycling Company Challenge

How good are you at recycling? In general, I’m quite good in as much as I reuse a lot of tubs, don’t waste water and save bottles to exchange. I also have a Sodastream machine.

But I’m not THAT good at recycling paper or glass…which is why The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) caught my attention when they asked me about my recycling efforts.

The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) is proud to be celebrating 11 years of glass recycling success in South Africa.

2017 sees TGRC mark a decade of sustainable glass recycling and glass reuse. The truth is I save the glass wear, but then it usually just sits on my kitchen counter, oops!

Why Is Glass Cool Anyway?

  • Glass is one of the world’s most prevalent and sustainable materials.
  • It is hard enough to use as building resources for our homes or offices.
  • Flexible enough to create inspiring works of art.
  • Glass can be converted into any form or shape.

TGRC has changed the lives of 50 000 people, not to mention the extended effect it has on these individuals’ families.

TRGC also has this cool energy saving tool. Go to the site, enter how many containers you saved and it will show you how much energy that could produce to run a light bulb or operate a TV, etc. It’s pretty interesting!

South Africans are finding unique ways to build a legacy through glass, from spearheading the recycling industry, building a small community business and creating conceptual artwork that will inspire for years to come. Read more about it at the end of this post.

The Glass Recycling Company Challenges Boring Cape Town Chick

TGRC has challenged me to recycle all my glass for the month of July! I’m scared! And excited! I’m scared because:

  • I’ve stopped cooking at home so I’m not sure how much glass wear I have
  • I probably have more than I think and will be really surprised
  • Worried recycling will be a mission
  • I used to have recycling things where I lived, better check again
  • I think Abbotts has recycling bins around the corner
  • Can I really do this?!

I’m being honest here because I know MANY of us have good intentions which often go way laid. But I REALLY want to challenge myself to get this right! It’s the routine that puts me off. I’m good at cleaning or keeping glass but then COMMITTING to delivering it to a bin or organisation is really where my challenge lies.

Boring Cape Town Chick Pledge

So this month I am going to try save as much glass as possible. I will save my glass as I go along and show you at the end of the month how I did! More coming soon…

More About TGRC

The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC) is South Africa’s official organisation for promoting glass recycling.

Our core objective is to keep glass alive by promoting the practice of recycling and reusing this environmentally friendly packaging. Our strategic objectives also focus on the promotion of the reuse of returnable bottles; entrepreneur development and job creation; capacity building and development of synergies with all levels of Government as well as NGOs.

For more information, like The Glass Recycling Company’s Facebook Page or follow TGRC on Twitter.




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