Completing the TGRC July Challenge!

Happy August everyone! I hope you’re feeling positive and looking forward to spring – not long to go! I’m feeling good because August completes The Glass Recycling Company challenge that I partook in during July. All I had to do was gather all my glass and send it for recycling. Easy? Yip! BUT! Also no! Here are some of the challenges I faced:

Glass Recycling Challenges

Remembering To Do It

This is a real thing! I had to actually make myself aware that I had accepted the challenge and make a point of washing out my glassware, telling the housekeeper and hubby not to throw anything out and save all the glass I saved.

What Glass?

Who knew! But I barely use glass! CRAZY! I KNOW! For the first week of July I literally had absolutely nothing. NO GLASS! WHY?! I don’t know! Because I didn’t finish any mayonnaise, I didn’t buy any cool drink in glass, I didn’t break any glasses…for some reason I just had no glass! I was worries.

Where Does My Glass Come From?

On the 14th of July I had a girls’ night at my apartment and whoohoo! GLASS FOR DAYS! Cider bottles, beer bottles, WINE BOTTLES, bubbly bottles and alcopop bottles and…broken glasses, (thanks Claire 😉 ). FINALLY I had something to show for myself. Interestingly enough though, quite a lot of wine comes in plastic bottles now for easy travelling. So that was a surprise, but luckily, I did have enough glass to add to the challenge.

What Does It All Amount To?

The Recycling Glass Company actually has a energy calculator on their site that shows how much power you’ve generated from recycling glass. I saved about 10 pieces of glass so call it 2 a week. That means over a YEAR I will be able to:

  • Light a compact florescent bulb for: 30 days, 22 hours, 59 minutes, 36 seconds
  • Light a standard 60 watt light bulb for: 7 days, 5 hours, 21 minutes, 44 seconds
  • Operate a computer for: 1 day, 10 hours, 40 minutes
  • Operate a TV for: 23 hours, 6 minutes, 40 seconds (NETFLIX FOR DAYS!)

They also give you the weekly breakdown which is pretty impressive.

It’s actually quite satisfying doing the right thing, protecting the earth and also considering your own carbon foot print. It also made me realise how much I depend on plastic which is NOT good! (The oceans come to mind!).

Give a month of glass recycling a go, you’ll be really surprised either by a lack of glass (like me) or a mountain of it. Let me know if you recycle glass and what you discovered about yourself.

Blog post commissioned by The Glass Recycling Company.




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